Dullness of dark spots after inflammation and ingrown hairs

When inflammation occurs on the skin Whether it is oily skin, sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย , dry skin, and whether the inflammation is caused by any cause such as acne, rash, dermatitis. infectious inflammation mosquito or insect bites All result in pigment in the epidermis layer. Falling down to the dermis (Pigmentary incontinence) causing the black mark after the inflammation has disappeared. and if there is a lot of inflammation and is chronic for a long time Pigmentation will fall even more. The likelihood of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation : PIH), thus becoming more and more shiny.

black marks from insect bites

In the case of black marks after being bitten by mosquitoes or insects Often found to be normal in young children. therefore often found in the legs because children often wear shorts But if you find a rash like this in adults, you may need to look at other conditions as well, such as opportunistic infection, ACEV (HIV), AIDS, hematologic malignancy, but don’t panic, the doctor recommends. See a doctor for advice. And the next correct diagnosis for those who have frequent mosquito and insect bite problems. If necessary, go out to the fields. or random places that are at risk of being bitten by mosquitoes or insects Should be prevented by wearing long-sleeved shirts. And apply insect repellent products (Insect repellent) containing DEET.

black marks from acne

Acne is a problem that everyone has to stress because if you don’t keep it clean by washing your face with cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า , there is a chance of acne. and when acne Medications or appropriate treatment should be applied early to reduce the likelihood of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You should avoid the risk of squeezing or removing pimples. Because it will cause more inflammation. and increase the likelihood of black marks after acne disappears as well So does eczema or inflammatory lesions. Appropriate treatment should be given in the early stages. Because if left, there may be a complication of infection. Often found in people who like sheep scratching. Leaving the wound wet, dirty, especially in people who are at high risk of infection. such as those with diabetes It increases the likelihood of black marks. This type can follow


  1. Wait time: Wait and see, leave it alone, do nothing. But it may take a month for the black marks to disappear on their own. especially in people with dark skin
  2. Drug application: a group of whitening agents, if it is a controlled drug that is only available in a medical facility. Usually results in faster treatment. such as hydroquinone If this substance is used without medical supervision. may cause a permanent break Other whitening agents include arbutin, tretinoin, retinol, licrolice, and acelaic acid.
  3. Chemical peeling : Applying AHA : AIpha Hydroxy Acid at the hospital
  4. Laser or IPL light (IPL): helps to enhance the treatment effect to fade dark spots faster. however The cost of treatment is quite high. Compared to other treatments, IPL also helps to treat redness after new acne or red scars. You can also choose a standard machine. and the power is set as well as selecting the appropriate wavelength

No matter which treatment you choose The doctor recommends consulting with the treating physician as well as taking into account the comfort zones. Easy on the bag. For some people, if the cost is too high, it can result in stress, acne, rashes, dull faces. And do not forget that dark spots after inflammation If left for a while It can be lost on its own as well.


  • Apply acne medication or get appropriate treatment.
  • Wear long sleeves, long legs and apply insect repellent products.
  • Keep the wound clean. to prevent infection


  • Squeeze and remove pimples.
  • Scratch the area that has been bitten by insects.


If you buy a topical drug to treat yourself Will it be dangerous?


Black marks after inflammation Occurs after many types of skin inflammation, such as rashes, acne, or insect bites. self-medication If the medication is not suitable for the rash Instead of benefiting, it can cause harm, such as applying an antipruritic drug containing steroids to the infected wound.

ingrown hairs

Ingrown hair (Keratosis pilaris) is a problem that bothers a lot of people. because of that ingrown hair Our skin is not smooth. When rubbed on the skin there is a rough feeling, which is at the core of the ingrown hairs. There will be small hairs inside. Ingrown hairs are often found on the arms or legs. It will look like blisters of the same color as the skin. No itching unless accompanied by a dermatitis rash.

Risk group

people with dry skin People with allergic conditions (Atopy), such as atopic dermatitis Allergy Nasal Asthma (Asthma)


  1. Products that moisturize the skin. should be applied regularly It will help the skin to be moisturized and smooth. It also helps prevent rashes or skin inflammation.
  2. Vitamin A derivatives or acetic acid will help shed skin cells As a result, the skin looks smoother. and dark spots fade Read More About: gopage7
  3. Avoid scratching. or rubbing the skin in various ways Including the use of stones, brushes or scrubs, as this will make the rash thicker and darker. It also encourages itching. or skin rash from irritation as well
  4. Laser hair removal It is a laser hair removal treatment. located in the core of the ingrown hairs however Not all treatments are required. Because multiple treatments are required, the cost is greatly increased. Read More About: wmt24

In most cases, if the skin is taken care of or treated according to the guidelines outlined above, there will be a satisfactory improvement in symptoms. This should be considered in accordance with the budget we have. In addition, other anaphylaxis should also be treated. as well as keeping the heart be happy good health in every system of the body and the heart


  • Apply moisturizing products regularly.


  • Use your hands to peel, scratch or scrub the affected area. with scrub or loofah


Areas that require frequent hair removal, such as the armpits, always have ingrown hairs, is there any way to fix it or avoid it? Is using zucchini to scrub the skin effective or not?


The birth of an ingrown in this manner Caused by improper hair removal, such as shaving hair in reverse direction Which the bump line causes the follicles to become inflamed until it becomes ingrown hairs. The use of zucchini to scrub the skin. will cause more irritation and may cause dermatitis Read More About: eblogz

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