Everything you need to know about save the date card

You’ve celebrated your engagement, plans are underway, and it’s time to save the date cards and send your wedding guests in. This pre-invitation officially announces the wedding date and informs guests that they will actually be invited to the festival. But what exactly is storing a date? Do you really need it? We cover basic questions, etiquette questions, and even style inquiries. It’s worth the time and effort (mostly to give guests the ability to block dates). You can even store your date cards in Knot Invitations, so you can do it all in one place (create a wedding website, create a registry, and hire a professional). However, you need to do some research before buying. Here are the answers to all your burning etiquette questions.

Do I need to send a save date?

As destination weddings and three-day business become standard, the date is also saved. If you’re getting married during peak travel seasons, such as vacation weekends or resort towns in August, dating is an essential courtesy. You don’t have to send it if you don’t like it, but let the guest list know your wedding plans in advance. Save and send dates between travel arrangements and busy schedules will increase your chances of attending the celebration.

When should I send the Save Date?

In general, it’s best to give notice 6 months before the ceremony (8 months for remote locations or holiday weekends). This gives invitees plenty of time to book trips, budget appropriately and request vacations. The sooner they may be forgotten. It might be an invitation later.

Who should get save the date?

You should send the save the date magnet to anyone you want to attend your wedding. Even if you have received verbal confirmation from certain guests, you still need to send the save date (wedding party members, siblings and parents). Remember: only send to people you really want to attend. Imagine sending save the date without any follow-up invitations. Not suggested.

What information should be included in the save date?

At this point, you may not have all the details of the day and you are 100% fine. However, you want to include some key information in your pre-invitation. Save the date with your and your partner’s names, the date of the wedding (or the date of the wedding weekend), the location (city or city to help, even if the location has not been booked), and send out a formal invitation.

What if you save the date and then change the date or location of your wedding?

If your plans change unexpectedly, your best bet is to start promoting. You have the option to send another email explaining the dilemma, also known as “change the date”. Many stationery companies offer discounts on free trials or wedding postponement announcements. Knot Invitations has a set of “date changes” that you can notify your guests. Update the news on the wedding website after giving written notice. If you wish to proceed further, consider a private oral notice to avoid confusion). If you have too many guest lists, help your wedding party and family stay in touch with everyone.

Can you send the electronic storage date?

Email invitations to informal events like bachelor parties and post-wedding brunches are becoming more and more popular, and consequently, the rules of snail mail etiquette are changing. We use outdated stationery for big things like formal invitations, but leave digital use to the couple’s discretion for additional wedding events. If you choose to save the date, consider doubling it. Send electronic save dates to everyone and paper letters to relatives or friends you want as souvenirs.

Should the save date match your wedding invitation or theme?

Saving the date is usually much less formal, so it’s an opportunity to try a theme that truly shines through your style as a couple, or that you like but are hesitant to make official promises to. Use colors, motifs or fonts to create something that will excite your guests. This is also an opportunity to showcase your new engagement photos. Check out other ideas like collages, maps of where the wedding will take place, or cute graphics of your newlyweds.

How do we decide to save the date style?

Our favorite part about save the date is that they are not your wedding invitations. In other words, feel free to take design risks, insert a little humor or choose a bolder font than usual. You want to create something to grab the attention of your invitees and set the tone for the rest of your wedding. Are you all foodies? Print your favorite recipes on the back and include sweet anecdotes from the first time you tried them together. Planning a destination wedding? Choose from fun maps or travel-inspired graphics to put everyone in a good mood. Don’t feel pressured if you don’t want to deviate from the norm – you can never go wrong with a classic and elegant option, such as an engraved script or watercolor calligraphy on a beautiful card that showcases your wedding colors.