Facebook Instant Articles: How It Works And What It Is?

In the year 2016 Facebook have announced their latest feature of instant articles. The feature was specifically designed to solve a problem related to slow loading time on web browser while surfing articles on them. With the help of Facebook articles you will be able to access them with 10 X fast speed.

The feature becomes very famous and people all around the world have been publishing their articles to bring story to life. Out of 100% around 70% of user who have tapped on article less likely to abandon the article before reading. The interest value of user was increasing in these things day by day. There are many righters who have been creating their own page and collecting a lot of Facebook page likes to increase their popularity.

How can you create instant articles?

It is significantly easier to publish your article with the help instant articles because it is 100% free of cost. The first thing you have to do is sign up for an account. According to a research people with slower Internet connection have been reading 30 to 40% more instant article than other web articles on average websites.

Step 1: Sign up

Make sure that you have your existing Facebook page because it is mandatory for you to have an existing page and having admin or editor roll on your page. After that you can simply sign up enjoying the programme at the official website of instant article website instantarticles.fb.com.

Signing up for the programme can be done by your mobile number or email address it is completely up to your preference whatever you like when use for registration process. But make sure never to forget about your registered email address because it can be problematic in future.

Step 2: Choose your Facebook page

After you complete your signing up the Facebook will let you choose a page. Somehow you have more than one page then it will give you a choice to select whatever page you would like to activate for your articles.

Make sure that whatever account you are using must have good amount of Facebook page likes so that you do not have to worry about audience generation. They will automatically get attracted to your page that you have been using for your other purposes.

Step 3: Claim URL

After completing first and second step you will be asked by website to provide a URL that you wish to use for your articles. URL is necessary because it serves the basic purpose to share your all posts. In order to claim your URL the most necessary thing you have to do is add Meta tag to your HTML for adding URL link to your settings.

All the necessary information that you will be required at the time of settings you will easily find it on your page of instant articles setting. The importance of URL is so much because whenever you want to upload a blog to other social media platform in bio then the only thing will help is a URL.

Step 4: Create article

Uploading article is a significantly easy process because Facebook have provided a single tool on which you can publish your article to web or even it will be visible in mobile application. Wherever people see content which is on Facebook they will be able to find your article.

In order to publish your article you have to post it directly from content management system. The application will not ask you to recreate your whole content. You have to sink your blog with instant articles feature and publishing tools.

Step 5: Customize styling

Just like any other blog posting website Facebook also provide you with options such as customize and styling that you can use to enhance the beauty of your article. You can simply upload a logo or even select a font that you want to use in your article.

Currently the choice of font are very limited but Facebook have claimed that in further updates they will try to add more features. One of the best thing about instant article is that user do not have to install any plugin to provide dark mode to their user because with the help of Facebook application they can enable dark mode by default.

Step 6: Submit for review

After all the necessary process the last thing you have to do is submit your article to Facebook so that it can review and verify that your article have all the necessary requirement and it is properly formatted according to their format. It can take around one to 2 days to review all your submissions.


Instant articles is one of the best and free source for content creator to upload their article and blogs. They can even earn decent amount of money with the help of monetization feature or add revenue generation. Having a lot of FB page likes will make sure that your content remain popular throughout time.