Factors Affecting the Prices of Petrol Chaff Cutters in Kenya

A petrol chaff cutter is a fuel-powered mechanical tool used for cutting fodder,long grass, straw, hay, and other different types of silage into small pieces for easy mixing and feeding to the animals. This article gives insights into the factors determining the price of petrol chaff cutter in Kenya.

The petrol chaff cutter machine is a high-quality, portable, and easy-to-use farm tool with high dependability. Using it saves time and human resources for cutting large amounts of chaff. It is therefore imperative to discuss the factors that would affect the price of such an essential commodity.Below are the detailed factors that determine their prices in Kenya.

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Petrol chaff cutters come in different sizes which greatly determine the petrol chaff cutter price in Kenya. Some are very large and bigger with high engine capability to run for long hours and cut large amounts of fodder. These chaff cutters have a greater composition with more blades and hence are more sophisticated than the smaller ones. They, therefore, are charged higher than the smaller ones.

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Power consumption

Even though I wouldn’t directly link this to the original market prices of petrol-powered chaff cutters, it’s indispensable in the course of operating such chaff cutters. A petrol chaff cutter which consumes more fuel over a given period of time and relative to the amount of chaff cut, is more expensive than those consuming less fuel to operate.

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Model of the chaff cutter

Some petrol engine chaff cutters are more elaborately made than others. The3×3 model for example is larger, and has 3 blades and 3 rollers running. This makes them help with the curing of the fodder, easy fodder storage and also makes the fodder more nutritive for the livestock. It’s therefore costly to acquire them compared to the 3×2 or 2×2 models.

Amount of work intended

Most commercial organizations like cooperative societies in the dairy sectors have more animals to look after. They therefore require big and more sophisticated chaff cutters than those farmers in subsistence animal farming. The amount of work for the chaff cutter would therefore determine its affordability. The bigger and more sophisticated chaff cutters cost more than the smaller ones during purchasing or hiring. Visit this site: f95 zone

Nearness to the Capital

Cost of products in a free market depends on availability of supplies. More goods and services are available in the urban centers more so the capital compared to the rural areas. Therefore petrol chaff cutter price in Kenya vary with respect to this. It would cost more in the countryside than in the major cities. This is also factored by the transportation costs accrued in the process.

Power/engine capacity

As evidently discussed above on how size of the petrol engine chaff cutter affects its price, its working power also help determine the cost of using them. The engine capacity and processing power greatly affect the prices of petrol chaff cutters.Some have very high engine capacity of up to 10 hp. Such chaff cutters cost more than the others with lower engine capacity.


With the multiple uses of petrol-powered chaff cutters, their good working performance and qualities, so many factors help determine the different prices of the petrol powered chaff cutters in Kenya, conclusively influencing their affordability in different set-ups.