Features of apartments in Northern Cyprus

Apartments in new residential complexes in the coastal resorts of Famagusta, Esentepe are designed in modern style. Most of the objects – with large terraces and balconies. The level of comfort here is higher than in an apartment building, which is ensured by the following details:

  • in the public area there are free swimming pools with a sunbathing area. Some complexes are equipped with indoor pools, saunas;
  • equipped with tennis courts, volleyball courts, barbecue areas;
  • panoramic glazing is used;
  • the entrances are clean, regularly cleaned, there is a concierge service;
  • apartments in new buildings are rented with a fine finish, kitchen furniture, built-in wardrobes, air conditioning, a solar heater or an electric boiler. The traditional flooring in all rooms is ceramic tiles.
  • The layout is characterized by: the absence of an entrance hall, an open-plan kitchen, the number of bathrooms according to the number of bedrooms.
  • There are apartments of a higher level – with a small plot of land, from which you can enter the apartment through the terrace or directly from the courtyard. A dining area, a children’s playground, and other facilities are set up on the site in accordance with the preferences of the owners.
  • The premium class includes apartments – penthouses. They are located on the last floors of houses, characterized by an increased area, access to the roof, and the presence of a large terrace.
  • Elite penthouses are for sale in Girne, Farmagusta, Kyrenia, Iskele –
  • Acquire Your Own Apartment in Northern Cyprus

  • Buying a property can be a significant investment that can offer numerous opportunities and advantages for the owner. For instance, owning a property on an island can provide the possibility of living there permanently or using it as a vacation home. Furthermore, the owner can choose to rent out
  • apartments and generate income from the property.
  • Prime Pro Investment offers apartments in Northern Cyprus. In the catalog – options for different price categories, for any request. Turning to professionals is an opportunity to make a deal at the best price, to have confidence in the legal purity of the object. This is a huge time saver. We show property, give consultations, accompany all stages of the transaction.