GP Internet Offer – Best For All!

If you are an experienced high-level access user, then 60 GB GP internet offer is just for you. You will get this offer absolutely free during the first loading. Then check whether your internet network is modem is 4G compatible or not before buying this package. The total cost is therefore 999 BDT. It remains valid for thirty days.

Dial * 1961*34 36# to activate the offer. There is validity period of fourteen days. If the validity period is over, you will receive an automatic message in your email box. During this time, you can browse and download any software using the Internet without any charge. There is no obligation after the activation.

Before getting this offer, log on to the website and look for all options like, packages, etc. Select all the options that you like and click on activate. The URL of the page that appears will be different. Some may show the message, “You need to activate your account to view this offer”. In this case, you need to follow all the above steps and click to continue.

During the first loading, you will not see any offers. But after the completion of downloading all software, you will get this message “You have successfully activated your account for the first 30 days to download any gb internet packages”. The activation code is a unique number that is provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). It helps the user to activate the connection. After clicking on ‘activate’ option, you will receive a unique activation code that you have to enter on the login page of the provider to get connected.

The main advantage of this unique internet offers is that you will not receive any other spam or virus in your email asking you to upgrade your internet package. If you have been paying for an internet package for a long time, you can simply move to a new plan without wasting more money. The validity period will start on the first of the month and the last day is the last day of the validity period. The mb offer also gives you better bandwidth and speed than the other common packages available in the market.

If you purchase this plan, you will get the starter pack for the first month with the remaining amount of 1GB. You can use the entire amount as you wish but only to the limited bandwidth and speed. You can activate the connection to see if you like it and proceed if you don’t. If you do not like the service of the ISP, you can cancel the entire plan at any point of time without paying any extra money. So if you don’t like the limited space provided by your current ISP, but you need more internet connectivity, then the GP internet is the right choice for you.