Guide to Choosing the Best lawn mower

A lawn mower is an equipment used in grass cutting. There is a wide range of mowers in the market today. You can choose from electric-powered, gas-powered, battery-powered, and manual mowers.

This article explains what you should look for when purchasing a lawn mower and the types of lawn mowers.

Types of lawnmowers

  • Stand-on mowers
  • Push mowers
  • Self-propelled mowers

Factors to consider when buying a lawn mower

1. Performance

When picking a lawn mower, ensure that it matches your need for the type of lawn; you should select the correct engine size suitable for handling tasks like cutting through bagging, tall grass, leaf mulching, and wet grass.

The market has different engine styles—overhead and directs valves. Engines with overhead valves consume less fuel, but it is costly.

Electric and battery-powered mowers are suitable for cutting through huge lawns. A gas-powered mower is perfect for a short-sized yard. Cordless mowers produce less noise and are easier to maintain. It’s also easier to start because you press a button.

Gas-powered mowers are noisier and discharge smoke, unlike electric mowers, which don’t. However, gas-powered mowers are more efficient to use on huge lawns.

2. Comfort

You should ensure the mower is comfortable because you’ll be using it for many years. Make sure the height is right for you as well as the firmness of the seat. Choose a mower with a bumper in case you accidentally bump into anything that might damage the mower.

3. Lawn and yard size

Choose a drive system perfect for your lawn. A push mower is ideal for a flat property. A self-propelled mower is better for larger yards and hilly areas. You get to upgrade to variable speed hence achieving flexibility in your preferred rate for lawn condition.

The type of grass growing in your yard is a reasonable consideration; hence guide you in adjusting the blades suitable for cutting the different types of grass.

4. Durability and warranty

Purchase from brands that make durable, good-quality mowers. The brands should offer a warranty and after-sales services if the lawn mower needs repair or service. Ensure the service centers are near your home.

The blades should be made of solid material and should be rust-free. It would help if you did thorough research on the brand before purchasing.

5. Price

Lawn mower price in Kenya depends on size and performance. Self-propelled mowers are more expensive than cordless mowers. Large-sized mowers are mostly electricity-powered and are more costly than battery-powered ones.

Extra features like aluminum decks, quality engines, easy roll-bearing wheels, and durable composite determine the mower’s price.

It is essential to test it before purchasing it. Be aware of the colorful look. Please read carefully the features it has.

6. Safety and ease

The latest models are safer and easier to use than traditional types. Choose a model that is safer and easier to work within your yard. An automatic mower with an electric starter is easier to manage, especially for people with strength problems, than one with a pull starter rope.

Although you may have a few negative reviews from users who’ve had a bad experience, many complaints should be a warning.


These tips help you get an effective lawn mower for a beautiful garden or yard.