Herbs for Skin Whitening

Herbs that are popularly used in the production of cosmetic scrubs for skin whitening that are close to Thai people. Many herbs can be found nearby. us in Thailand But there are some herbs that belong to China. but all that will be mentioned here It is already sold in Thailand. Are there any herbs that are popular for making cosmetics? Let’s see.

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  1. Tamarind scrub, herbal to make cosmetics scrub white skin. Tamarind, a popular Thai herb used to produce soap-type cosmetics skin cream cosmetics Cosmetic whitening cream The benefits of tamarind can help reduce fever, constipation, diarrhea, and help to cure high blood pressure symptoms as well.

Can help nourish the skin to shine bright all the time. Vitamin C from tamarind can help to slow down aging. and aging makes our skin look younger. The calcium from tamarind will help nourish bones and teeth to be stronger. And in tamarind, iron can help in the formation of blood cells.

  1. Ganoderma lucidum makes the skin shine bright. Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom that can be classified as a rare herb. It is commonly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. It is a mushroom that is highly valuable in Chinese medicinal herbs. Which has been regarded as the best of mushrooms. Lingzhi is the best mushroom among Chinese herbs.

Because it has been referenced through the records in ancient Chinese scriptures. “Shennong Ben Cao” (which is the oldest text that the Chinese people respect the most), and scientists found that in this mushroom there are various substances. Which is beneficial to the human body more than 250 species

Can be a tonic and used as an elixir to extend the life of the Chinese for a long time. In addition Ganoderma Lucidum also helps to make the skin radiant and also safe. Importantly, lingzhi mushrooms do not contain any toxic substances. to human body

  1. Aloe Vera skin care Popularly used to make cosmetics that help take care of the skin. and eating using the agar of aloe vera that has been washed with clean water Aloe vera gel helps heal and relieve symptoms from scalds, abscesses, hemorrhoids, burns, and wound healing such as knife cuts. will help with the excretion Cure gastritis and enteritis joint pain relief prevent diabetes treat motion sickness and the best properties of aloe vera that are popularly used in the manufacture of cosmetics is make your face clear Prevent dry skin, reduce oiliness, aloe vera used. should be older than 1 year
  2. Butterfly pea nourishes eyebrows Butterfly pea contains anthocyanin. (Anthocyanin) is a popular herb used in the manufacture of cosmetics. About the hair, eyebrows, anthocyanin substances are responsible for helping to stimulate blood circulation. Can help blood to nourish different parts. An example of pea is able to feed the hair follicle area.

The butterfly pea flower will make eyebrows thick, hair shiny, black hair or when taken to feed the eye area will help nourish the eyes in the body. And anthocyanins can help reduce the risk of blood clots. The fact that we have eaten 1 flower pea every day can help prevent strokes better as well.

  1. Turmeric Exfoliating Turmeric is a popular Thai herb used to produce cosmetics. which is more useful than skin care Popular as a medicinal herb to make cosmetics scrub. To whiten and look younger while protecting and reducing wrinkles naturally. with special features of being Super Antioxidant
  2. Ginseng, a traditional Chinese herb, rejuvenates the skin. Popularly used in the manufacture of cosmetics It can be an herbal cosmetic scrub for white and clear face without dark spots because ginseng is rich in natural minerals and vitamins that can help lift and tighten the skin. Ginseng helps to inhibit antioxidant Add energy to skin cells Can help make skin cells strong, slow down the formation of new wrinkles. and restore the skin to be better Can help reduce wrinkles to look younger, radiant, firm skin, accelerate the shedding of old skin cells that are deteriorating and help create new skin cells. Making the skin look smooth, white, bright, can help reduce acne problems. Safe to use on all skin types Even on sensitive skin Makes the skin moist, smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch, allowing you to reveal beautiful skin, show off clear skin with confidence.
  3. Snow lotus produces skin cells. because it is a miracle from nature Therefore, it is popularly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Can be blended into a creamy color perfectly. With the ability of the special features of snow lotus from China Therefore, it can help relieve inflammation and burning from the scorching sun. Can help relieve insect bites. And help heal the skin from allergic redness and burning symptoms due to allergies to various cosmetics. Snow lotus is rich in vitamin E. It helps to create new skin cells by changing the outer skin cells to gradually whiten and brighten with natural mechanisms. can help control excess oil Help reduce acne problems. and nourish the skin to be soft and moist
  4. Pomegranate skin care Pomegranate is rich in extracts such as Ellagic Acid, Tannic Acid and Vitamin C that can help nourish the face to be white and pink, reduce dark spots, tighten pores. Pomegranate helps fight acne-causing bacteria. Pomegranate benefits are suitable for all skin types. Therefore, it is popularly used as a medicinal herb that is popularly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Because it can help to nourish the skin well itself.
  5. Centella asiatica herbs to nourish the inside believe that many People who have probably heard that when they are bruised or heartbroken, think of the Centella asiatica juice. Because the Centella asiatica juice will help recover from the bruise faster. but did not know that it was actually The herb known as Centella Asiatica It is a popular Chinese herb used to produce cosmetics. The Chinese have used Centella asiatica since ancient times. Centella asiatica has many other properties that can help cure diseases, maintain health, or even help maintain beauty.