High-Risk Car Insurance Costs

It is preferable to be a low-risk driver in the eyes of insurance companies because high-risk insurance cost is higher. But do you know exactly how much does high-risk car insurance cost? Do you know the difference between what high-risk and low-risk drivers pay?

Now you will know everything about the best high-risk auto insurance you could get and all about affordable car insurance for high-risk drivers.

Depending on the Type of Driver, High-Risk Insurance Costs Vary Considerably

First, there is not just one correct answer to the question of ” how much does high-risk car insurance cost?” Laws concerning car insurance are not the same in all states. Also, different insurance companies offer policies with different high-risk insurance costs.

Several companies almost absolutely insure high-risk drivers. For instance, “The General” offers car insurance quite affordable to drivers with a not very clean driving record. On the other hand, another good number of car insurance companies in the United States will maintain a much wider profile and offer cheap insurance policies for high-risk drivers.

Prices will vary, taking into account your insurance company, the state in which you live, and other important information for each specific policy and driver.

How Much Does High-Risk Car Insurance Cost?

The answer would be about 30% to 100% more than other types of auto insurance. So, if your policy costs about $900 annually, which is less than the average for the whole country, then if you were considered a high-risk driver, you could pay much more than 2000 dollars. For instance:

  1. If you recently had an accident in which you were at fault or were convicted of DUI, car insurance companies will consider you from that moment on as a high-risk driver. Therefore, you will have to pay much more when you buy or renew your insurance policy.
  2. After an accident in which you are at fault and someone is injured, your car insurance rates will increase by approximately 30% or even more. In the case of being convicted of DUI, your rates could increase up to 150%.
  3. If you have received at least two speeding tickets, auto insurance companies will also see you and, consequently, treat you like a high-risk driver. In this case, your rates could increase between 20% and 90 percent%.

Of course, in some states, you pay much more for auto insurance than in others. Let’s take as an example the state of Florida. Drivers there pay an annual average of $ 2,364 for their car insurance.

In that state, with an average of $2219 per year, a high-risk driver would pay between $3,000 and up to more than $4,000 per year for his policy, assuming the increase is from 30% to 100%.

How to get cheaper high-risk car insurance

Car insurance rates continue to rise, and once you become a high-risk driver, watch the prices for your car insurance skyrocket. Most people do not realize that when you become a risky driver to car insurers, you pay a heavy price for high-risk car insurance. This does not mean you are locked out of getting on the spot car insurance. Let us look at some of the options that risky drivers have regarding car insurance.

One of the first things you will learn as a risky driver is how much more car insurance will cost you. Finding ways to lower this can be done, though, with some simple steps on your part. Online price quotes are the easiest way for risky drivers to reduce insurance. People often fail to realize that getting online price quotes with direct insurers can lower their costs. Getting several quotes will help you see what it will cost to get car insurance. As a risky driver, you could see quotes vary greatly, so consider this when looking them over. Look over all the quotes carefully, choosing the best ones for your situation. This is just one way that risky drivers can lower the cost of car insurance.

Another way risky drivers can lower car insurance costs is search for high-risk insurance providers. Companies specializing in insuring dangerous drivers tend to have lower rates as they deal with high-risk clients.

Risky drivers cost insurance companies more, so they will charge these drivers more for their premiums. Once you become a risky driver, things change for you, and it gets more costly. Changing that is the key. Talk to your insurance agent, as they will be able to give you some tips to help you change that situation. It will not happen overnight, but eventually, you can lose your risky driver tag. For now, though, your options will be limited as a dangerous driver and much more expensive than other drivers.