How Can I Prepare for a Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to treat conditions caused by vein damage such as varicose veins or spider veins. The process involves inserting a fine-needle syringe containing specific fluid into the damaged vein. The fluid will create scarring in the vein and destroy it, forcing the blood to be rerouted to healthier veins. 

Eventually, the body will absorb the vein once it collapses. The procedure is quick and painless, and being aware of the process involved and your responsibilities as a patient are essential. If you seek sclerotherapy services Boise experts can guide you through the treatment process and how you can prepare for it. 

What to do before a sclerotherapy procedure 

The sclerotherapy process is quick and painless, and the recovery period is minimal. To speed up healing, you must keep some points in mind to help prepare for the procedure:

  • Share your accurate and complete medical history with the doctor performing your sclerotherapy. It would help if you also kept them informed about your medication and any comorbidities you may have.
  • Dress in a comfortable outfit for the procedure. The most appropriate would be loose, baggy clothing to relax. 
  • It is essential to eat and drink at least 90 minutes before your appointment for the procedure. 
  • Take a shower and wash your legs with antibacterial soap before the procedure. However, ensure that you do not shave the treatment area before the procedure or use lotion or body cream in that area, especially scented products.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol or tobacco for at least two days before your appointment to ensure faster healing. 
  • Your doctor will advise you to avoid particular medication before your appointment, including aspirin, ibuprofen, or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 
  • One essential instruction your doctor will expect you to follow before your sclerotherapy appointment is to ensure that you bring along compression stockings or bandages. Compression stockings and bandages are necessary as they are the most immediate aftercare method you need to implement. These compression tools will speed up your healing process and ensure constant pressure to the treated veins, encouraging the normal flow of blood through healthy veins.
  • It is essential to constantly communicate with your doctor and inform them if you feel anxious before or during the procedure. They can administer mild sedatives for you to ease the process for you. 

Sclerotherapy is a highly effective medical procedure that shows results with virtually the most minimal intervention possible. It is a cost-effective and simple procedure and has various advantages compared to other alternatives to medically treat conditions caused by neural damage.