How HiPP Is Made

Hipp formulas are organic and contain only the best quality proteins. The German formulas don’t clump, bubble, or have a muddy consistency. They also contain prebiotics and starch. Learn how HiPP is made by following these steps:

German HiPP formulas are not clumpy or bubbly

HiPP is known worldwide for producing a baby formula that is based on high-quality organic ingredients. German HiPP formulas contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, probiotics, and other beneficial ingredients to support a healthy digestive system. German formulas are not clumpy or bubbly. In addition, they are suitable for babies up to 12 months of age. German HiPP formulas are also free from prebiotics and yeast.

They contain high-quality protein

The HiPP German 1 contains high-quality protein and is comparable to the nutritional profile of popular US formulas. The nutritional profile of HiPP Stage 1 is similar to the USDA’s guidelines for high-protein diets, although it contains lower levels of protein. HiPP HA Stage 1 contains hydrolyzed protein that reduces the allergenic properties of cow’s milk protein. As a result, HiPP contains fewer allergens, and its high-quality protein content reduces the risk of allergies and other conditions associated with milk consumption.

They contain prebiotics

Does HiPP contain prebiotics? These specialized fibers help maintain good gut bacteria in the body and support the immune system. Probiotics are live bacteria found in dairy and soy products and can help all babies adapt to a variety of foods. Unlike U.S. formulas, HiPP products are organically certified and follow a sustainable protocol. Their milk comes from grass-fed, never-dehorned cows. They are considered to be the healthiest, most nutritious milk in the world.

They contain starch

Does HiPP contain starch? The answer depends on your baby’s age and diet. Organic formulas such as Hipp are formulated for older babies when their digestive systems are more developed. Starch has the advantage of being a tummy-filler and being more slowly digested than other carbohydrates. Some German formulas also contain starch. German formulas also use starch to provide a smoother texture.

They contain non-GMO ingredients

HiPP is a family-run company with organic farming at its core. Organic farming began in 1956 when the company began sourcing raw materials from organic soil. It has since grown to be the largest processor of organic raw materials in the world. The company continues to prioritize the health and welfare of its workers and the environment. It is proud to use only non-GMO, organic ingredients in its formulas. It is committed to supporting the environment and helping infants grow into healthy, happy adults.

They are CO2-neutral in production

By following the principles of ecological agriculture, HiPP is committed to environmental sustainability. HiPP’s environmental management system has reduced energy and water consumption by two-thirds and waste by half. Organic waste is recycled and used for agriculture. Since its implementation, HiPP has expanded its product range to over 260 products, with all waste being CO2-neutral in production. HiPP also promotes animal welfare and works with farmers to conserve biodiversity.

They are gluten-free

HiPP is gluten-free baby formula produced in Germany. Organic’s Best Life Start works directly with HiPP to provide fresh baby formula, which is shelf-stable. HiPP German Stage 2 No Starch formula has an expiration date of six months. It is comprised of 600 grams of powder, which yields 150 fluid ounces of prepared formula. It contains no corn syrup or soy, so it is ideal for babies whose mothers are sensitive to wheat, corn, or soy. This formula is also packed with prebiotics, probiotics, and Omega-3 DHA, which helps with brain and eye development.