How to find friends UK

Search on Facebook. If you can’t find him there, then he’s either not registered with Facebook, or he deleted, closed his account, or you misspelled his name. Facebook is a great way to find people because most people use their real name and other information there. Most often, if your friend is registered there, you will find him in the search results, so look there first before looking elsewhere.

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2 Search MySpace. Searching MySpace isn’t as easy as Facebook, but it’s just as good for finding people. MySpace is more popular than Facebook, although it’s not as secure and most of the time people’s names are fictitious so it’s harder to find.

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3 Analyze all information. On a piece of paper, write down everything you know about the person. But you shouldn’t write useless information like “She was wearing a black bracelet the last time I saw her.” How will this help you? NOTHING! What race/origin is your friend? Where does he live? How long is his hair? Here is an example description:
Name: Ryuja Makaniko
Description: Asian, black straight long hair, slim build, medium build and height
Age: 19
Previous/Current Residence: Upper Darby, PA
Upper Darby Graduate

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This is an example of the information you should have on the sheet.

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Use sevice to find friends
5 Remember, if a person graduates from a school or college, he does not have to stay in the same city.

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6 Ask people who may know this person. There are chances that your friend had other acquaintances who know him well. At the very least, they can tell you if they know your friend, and if so, from where.

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7 Ask at school. Go to the school, college, or campus your friend last attended and see if they can tell you something about him. Unfortunately, many schools are not allowed to provide student information.

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eightSearch the Internet. Search Google for “person search” or “telephone directory”. You need to look for a site based on what you think might help. When you’re on the site, enter the person’s name and information. If you don’t know the person’s last name, this can make it difficult to search because many people search sites require you to enter a last name for accurate results. Yahoo Directory, for example, requires you to enter a person’s last name. So until you know the name, you can not look there. The more information you have about a person, the more likely you are to find him. It all depends on how much information you have collected. If you know twice as much information as you need, but do not know the contact information, you know almost everything, but do not know how to contact him, do your best and soon you will be able to contact him.
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9 Post a Trace request on WikiWorldBook. This will generate a unique URL for the person you are looking for and it will appear in the search results, allowing you to use all the resources on the internet to find your friend or relative.


More often than not, searching the internet is not enough. If you really want to find this person, pray to see him again. Try to look for it in the real world. If you have any idea where he might be, just drive to that city and hope to see him there.
The best way to check if an online search is working is to enter your details. You definitely need to know your name, age, where you live, etc. So if you run a search on yourself and find information that matches the real thing, you are a few steps away from your find old school friends.
The next time you get close enough to a friend, try to grab all of their phone numbers, email addresses, and as much contact information as you can to avoid having the same problem happen again.
Please be aware that the amount of information that free Internet resources provide you may be limited for public use. If you want to find more detailed information, you will almost always have to pay for it.


If you can’t find the person anywhere online, chances are they have moved and you don’t know it, so again, pray, pray, and pray.
If you are caught doing this, you may be considered a stalker or a maniac.
If the person you’re looking for is under 18 and doesn’t have a Facebook or MySpace account, then you’re out of luck. There aren’t many people search engines that provide results on 17 year olds and a few that provide them for a fee.