How to Find Influencers and Their Tips For Using Social Media to Promote Brands

It can be very difficult to know how to find influencers to align with. After all, not every influencer will be interested in your business in the same way or share the same interests in general. In fact, there are many different types of influencers. For example, there are fashion influencers, wellness influencers, and entertainment influencers. Yet, if you are looking for the perfect match for your brand and product, the best way to go about it is to work with an influencer marketing platform.

Top tips for finding influencers

Finding the right influencer for your company can be hard, given the large number of options that you have. Still, with the advice below, you will more easily find the perfect influencer for your niche. Understand that not every influencer has the same kind of audience. Therefore, they fail to guarantee that their target audiences will be following them. So, if you want to know how to find influencers to align with, pay attention to these three tips below.

Get to know the social media platforms available

The first step in knowing how to find influencers to align with is to understand how social media platforms work. Social media platforms are networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram that allow their users to publish content through digital means. For example, posts from Instagram influencers might appear on one’s wall and be shared with their friends. The post will then reach a different audience than if it were posted on, for example, a website or blog.

Use hashtags to find influencers

Influencer marketing agencies often use Hashtag searches to find possible influencers. A hashtag is a small keyword that is used within a post to categorize it. Social media influencers often use hashtags to organize similar posts, which helps new posts within the network stay grouped together. For this reason, many brands choose to add these tags to their brand’s account. If a brand uses these tags correctly, they should be able to reach a larger audience from their posts than they would without using them. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of the brand reaching its target audience.

Consider an influencer marketing platform

An influencer marketing platform can perform specific searches for brands to find influencers within their niche. Users can also analyze core influencer profile metrics to ensure the best influencers are being found. By doing this, the brands and their products will be exposed to a greater number of potential buyers that are more likely to be genuinely interested in the products.

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After finding influencer accounts on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the next step is to join these communities. This is done through the platform’s features such as inviting friends, following others, and encouraging them to follow you. Branding content within these communities allows users to become familiar with your content. For example, if someone becomes a fan of a makeup company, they may want to see posts about makeup. Similarly, if someone is following a football player, they might share their love of football with friends.

Be consistent

One of the biggest concerns for brands when it comes to online marketing and social media is maintaining a consistent message. In addition to providing value to their customers, influencers need to provide consistency within the messages they use to connect with their target audience. Content needs to be consistent with the brand messaging so that the audience does not get a feel that they are listening to a marketing message that is inconsistent with the product or service. A brand should look to influencer marketing opportunities as tools to promote conversations within their business or with customers who might not have access to traditional media. The key to success is in the consistent brand messaging through the influencer’s account.


As influencers gain more exposure, they will likely be using their platform to create conversations with their target audience as well. Social media provides the platform for brands to reach an ideal audience in a cost-effective manner. The ideal audience is the audience that is most likely to buy the product or service being promoted. By providing content on influencer accounts tailored to reach these individuals, brands have an easier time reaching their goals and building relationships with new customers.

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