How to Grow upto 10k Instagram Followers Fast in 2022

With more than a billion monthly users Instagram has surpassed Facebook to become the world’s third-largest social media network. As much as we use Instagram to connect with friends and share photographs from our lives, it has also evolved into an excellent tool for company growth. Instagram is now a terrific place to build a following if you are an influencer, brand manager, or business owner.

Although everyone wants to quickly build their Instagram account, it is not an easy task. Mention reports that 52.35 % of Instagram followers have fewer than 1,000 followers. The second-largest sector is 1,001-10,000 followers, accounting for 37.41% of Instagram users. Less than 10% of Instagram profiles have more than 10,000 followers.

In this piece, we will discuss effective tactics which will help you to get 10k Instagram followers on your Instagram account. These are the identical tactics that all of the top Instagram firms employ to swiftly increase their clients’ Instagram accounts. Whether you have a company account, a personal account, or a theme page, all of the techniques and tactics offered here will assist you in rapidly growing a large Instagram following.

Have an Aesthetic Instagram Theme

This is the first step in creating your Instagram page. When people visit your Instagram feed, the first thing they will notice is your Instagram style.

Having a consistent feed with the same colors and theme can often be the determining factor in whether or not someone will follow you.

Having a genuine Instagram theme is one of the most simple things you can manage today to enhance the overall social proof of your Instagram page. You can get Instagram likes to also help you grow your account.

So, how can you create an amazing Instagram page?

This will differ depending on the type of Instagram page you have.

  • If you have a business account, your theme will almost certainly revolve around your product.
  • If you publish encouraging quotes, suggestions, or visuals on your Instagram feed, you can format your theme similarly to how we did ours.

Establish a Posting Schedule

It’s no secret that Instagram prefers to boost pages that constantly publish. “What is consistent?” is the query. If you truly want to increase your Instagram account quickly, you should pose at least once every day. It is more vital to publish more as your following grows, but in the early stages, when you have less than 1,000 followers, you should never skip a day of posting.

The reason you want to post so frequently is that it increases your chances of having a post go viral. By viral, we mean that it can appear on either the Instagram Explore page or the Instagram Top page. The explore page appears with the search function on the same page. The Hashtag Top page displays some of the most popular posts tagged with that hashtag.

Use the Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are one of Instagram’s most underused functionalities. If you operate a fashion and beauty Instagram page, you’ll notice that many small accounts with fewer than a thousand followers utilize the hashtags #fashion, #beauty, #pretty, and so on. Millions of individuals search these hashtags daily, which explains why so many accounts utilize them

Instagram’s top hashtag pages can only display so many different posts. The number of likes, comments, shares, and saves received by post determines where it appears in the top results for a hashtag on Instagram.

So, if you have a post with 30 likes and are competing with a post with 30,000 likes, it’s quite unlikely that you’ll emerge as a top result for that hashtag.

Furthermore, because several Instagram pages are using the same hashtags, you will quickly be pressed down in the search results. So not only did your message go unnoticed because you used an overly popular hashtag but it was also pushed to the bottom of the feed since a new post with that hashtag was added every couple of seconds.

That’s why always use long keyword hashtags which will Increase possibilities for engagement and you will¬† get 10k Instagram followers.

To reach a larger audience, collaborate with micro-influencers

“Micro” is the crucial term here. Finding influencers with less than a hundred thousand followers but more than ten thousand followers is the key to getting them to share your message.

Accounts in this category are large enough to have a significant following, but not so enormous that they will charge large sums of money for a shout-out.

When determining which micro-influencers to collaborate with, one thing to keep in mind is their engagement rate. You may calculate this by looking at how many followers they have and how many likes they get on each post. You want to locate users who have at least a 10% involvement rate.

Be the first to leave a comment on a large account in your niche

Have you ever looked at a popular account in your field and noticed a comment with hundreds of likes? Not by a celebrity, but by a commoner. When you notice comments with a lot of likes on a post, it’s usually because they’re the first comment on that post.

Because you are one of the first comments, you are seen by everyone who clicks into a post’s comment section. When a comment is good and substantive, it usually receives a lot of likes. These likes are usually meaningless because they don’t help your Instagram account expand quickly. It does, however, provide you with an excellent opportunity to follow people who have already engaged with you.

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