How to Make the Best Vinyl Banners for Your Upcoming Tradeshows

Marketers have used vinyl banners to promote their brands indoors and outdoors for several years. These inexpensive yet eye-catching banners always command the attention of target consumers at tradeshows, business conferences, etc. Many people even use smaller, lighter versions of these banners to celebrate private events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Marketers love using banners made of high quality for their events because of a wide range of reasons:

  • Cost-Effective: Getting top professionals to print attractive banners for your brand is surprisingly cheap. These banners look extremely pricey (almost like framed pieces of artwork). But, they’re quite cheap.
  • Repeated Use: Whether you hang your banner at your storefront or present it at tradeshows – these banners are very durable. Marketers can repeatedly use these banners indoors and outdoors. Typically, a vinyl banner will last for 10-12 years.
  • Appealing: You develop the design, and the banner sellers will print it on your vinyl banner. Vinyl is a very print-friendly material. The best banner sellers can add high-quality graphics and design elements to these banners using digital printing technology.

Utilizing these banners for promotions is a promising prospect. But, unless marketers get the design part right, their vinyl banners may not get adequate traction at busy tradeshows. The COVID19 pandemic couldn’t completely kill tradeshows and marketing events.

With vaccines becoming available, marketers should expect huge crowds at their upcoming tradeshows and marketing events. How can your banners stand out at these busy events? Use the following tips to create the most eye-catching banners for your upcoming events:

Get the Size Right 

Larger banners almost always receive more attention in crowded events. A 10-foot by 6-foot banner will command the most attention at busy events. Make sure to learn about any banner size restrictions at your upcoming events before ordering big banners. Just to be safe, have some 4-foot by 8-foot or 3-foot by 6-foot banners in your marketing arsenal.

Create Eye-Catching Designs 

Creating eye-catching banner designs isn’t rocket science. Your banners’ designs should ideally disrupt the visual plane of the event attendees. That means using unique design styles that feature: thought-provoking graphics, bold headlines, and contrasting color combinations. Make sure the design is relevant to your target audience’s preferences. For instance, using black and white banners at fashion events is not ideal.

Keep the Text Simple

The larger your banners, the more tempted you’ll feel to fill it up with a lot of text. Avoid that trap. At busy tradeshows and marketing events, attendees don’t spend more than a second looking at banners. Unless your banner’s text is short, readable, comprehensible, and memorable – it won’t receive much attention at busy tradeshows.

  • Use bold fonts that are easy to read
  • Use only one or two images or graphics
  • Make the company name bold
  • Use a solid background to highlight the key texts in your banner
  • Make sure the banner has plenty of white space so that all its visual elements are separate

The content of the text on your banners also matters. Try to place short but compelling headlines at the top of your banners. Use this guide to print the best banners for your upcoming events!