How To Manage Side Effects Of CLL Treatment?

Treatments of chronic lymphocytic leukemia or CLL are used to destroy the cancerous cells. They can also destroy your normal cells. There are certain side effects of the drugs of chemotherapy. Some immunotherapies and target therapies can also cause side effects.

Chemotherapy can damage your intestines, mouth, stomach, and throat particularly. Different treatments of CLL can also cause damage to your cells of the immune system. It makes you vulnerable to develop any serious infection. 

Following are the common side effects that CLL treatment can cause.

  • Loss of hairs
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Alterations in smell or taste
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Rash
  • Aches in body
  • Sores in mouth
  • Lower counts of blood cells can induce bleeding and injuries
  • Fever
  • Infusion site’s reactions

Any treatment of CLL can cause side effects. But every individual’s experiences are different. Your healthcare team can manage the side effects of CLL treatments along with the tips given below.

Take Steps To Reduce Infections

Damage to the immune system of your body is one of the complicated side effects of the treatment of CLL. Doctors keep monitoring your blood cells as you get treatment through chemotherapy. It is important to take care of yourself properly in order to reduce the chances of any infection.

Some viruses, fungi, bacteria, or parasites can cause infections. Here are the necessary steps that will help you a lot.

  • Try to wash hands with water and soap on a frequent basis.
  • Avoid being around people’s crowd and children.
  • Do not use suppositories and rectal thermometers. Try to avoid enemas too as they can injure your rectal area. It allows bacteria to enter your body that is harmful.
  • Cook meat at the recommended temperature properly.
  • Wash all the vegetables and fresh fruits before you consume them.
  • Discuss with your doctor about receiving vaccination before the start of your treatment.
  • Always wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth in public areas.
  • Wash all the scrapes in the right way using warm water and soap.

Do Light Exercises

Exercise supports you in relieving nausea, constipation, and fatigue. It also helps you to improve your mood and appetite. You can do light exercises. We have mentioned some ideas for light exercises that are given below.

  • Qigong
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Strength training routines
  • Light aerobic exercise

Take advice from your healthcare team to go to a fitness instructor or physical therapies who have knowledge about all the fitness programs that are good for people with cancers. You can find the right fitness group for you with the help of groups related to local cancer support.

It is important to consult your doctor before initiating any fitness program. They give you the best suggestions that are good for your health.

Protect Yourself From Getting Injuries

Another concern with the treatment of CLL is low platelets. The function of platelets in the formation of blood clots. That is the reason low levels of platelets can cause bleeding and injuries. Following are the steps that will help you to be protected from different injuries.

  • Do not walk barefoot
  • Brush your teeth well with an additional soft toothbrush
  • Do not use the razor, try an electric shaver
  • Try to avoid using certain medications that can induce the issues of bleeding like aspirin
  • Avoid certain contact sports or other activities that have greater risks of injuries.
  • Inhibit the use of alcohol until your doctor allows you
  • Try to not burn yourself during cooking or ironing

Take Medications

Chemotherapy treatments often interrupt your digestive system. Vomiting and nausea are the common side effects. Some people may have diarrhea and constipation. Fortunately, some effective medications are present that help to manage the digestive side effects.

Get Proper Sleep

Get enough sleep to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. Go to bed earlier and at the same time daily. Keep your bedroom dark, cool and quiet. Inappropriate sleep can cause several issues related to your health.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Many treatments for cancer can result in vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, and inability to consume nutrients. It can cause malnutrition. Try to eat certain foods that have higher amounts of iron. Meet a good nutritionist to get a healthy diet plan for you. Follow it and be healthy.

A good diet plan can help you to recover from cancer quickly with effective treatment. Do not skip taking essential nutrients recommended by your nutritionist.