How To Turn Poufs into Cloud-Like Objects For An Event

Sometimes the best ideas are found by luck and whimsy. In this article we’ll show you how to create the ultimate whimsical object – beautiful, soft, puffy, clouds.

Turning poufs into cloud decorations for an event can take a while, but it is an amazing way to create a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere.

Materials you’ll need

Poufs or large floor cushions (white or light gray work well)

White or light gray fabric (tulle, chiffon, or sheer fabric)

Fishing line or clear thread


Adhesive hooks or removable wall mounts (for hanging)

How to

Choose poufs that are white or light gray, generally resembling the color of clouds.

Then look for the fabric that you’ll use to make the clouds with. Tulle, chiffon, or sheer fabric to give the clouds a wispy, ethereal appearance.

Start by cutting your white or light gray fabric into strips or panels. The width and length of the fabric will depend on the size of your poufs and the desired cloud shape and try changing up the lengths for a more natural look.

Now you’ll need to drape the fabric strips over the poufs, allowing them to cascade down like clouds. You can bunch and overlap the fabric as needed to achieve the desired cloud shape and volume.

Use clear fishing line or clear thread to secure the fabric to the poufs once you’ve arranged the poufs in a cloud-like shape. You can stitch the fabric in place or tie it to the poufs at various points to create a cloud-like structure. Be sure to hide the thread as much as possible.

Now for the best part: lighting! Consider adding soft, warm lighting to your cloud decorations to create a dreamy atmosphere. String lights or LED fairy lights can be placed within or around the clouds to make them glow.