IM Academy Students and Educators Work Together to Study Financial Markets

IM Academy is an online educational platform specializing in financial markets. Its students range from those looking to learn about the basics of markets to those interested in more advanced approaches to chart analysis and pattern-based exchange strategies.

In terms of its financial market programs, IM Academy focuses on the foreign exchange (forex) market, digital currencies, stocks and futures markets, and intraday scalping strategies. Each market has a dedicated Academy, and students can choose to focus on one or multiple markets. Regardless of which option students study, the goal is to provide resources to help them pursue an understanding of how markets move and how participants decide on different exchange strategies.

How IM Academy Works

IM Academy offers a total of eight programs, four of which are exclusively focused on financial markets: FRX for forex, DCX for digital currencies, TBX for intraday exchange strategies, and SFX for stocks and futures.

The approach at IM Academy is to integrate asynchronous online learning with live mentorship opportunities. Chris Terry, IM Academy’s co-founder and CEO, designed the Academy to be flexible enough for students to engage with material on their own schedule, but he also emphasizes the importance of building a sense of community and mentorship through live engagement with educators.

“Attitude and personal relationships, to me, are two of the most important things you could think of,” said Terry in a recent YouTube video. “Relationships to me are the most important thing in the world. Too many people walk around with their chest out, like they’re so important. I don’t do that. I’ve never done that.”

Terry’s point is that educational pursuits involve collaboration and an openness to learn, and this is what IM Academy was designed to facilitate.

Students can study on their own through readings and watching prerecorded videos. They can also use IM Academy’s proprietary apps and trackers to analyze market charts. But the Academy’s GoLive sessions are a key contributor to IM Academy students’ learning process. These sessions enable students to communicate directly with educators in an online video format. Students can ask questions about the material they’ve been studying, and they can ask educators about how various financial market engagement strategies work and how they apply at different timescales and to different assets.

What Do IM Academy Students Learn?

The material that IM Academy students study differs depending on which market or markets they decide to focus on, but in general, the Academy seeks to help students pursue an education in how participants engage in a market, who the major players are, how markets can move at different timescales, and which factors can affect market movements.

Academies progress using a scaffolded approach, beginning with the fundamentals of what the market is and how it works and advancing to engagement strategies and pattern-based analyses of charts.

Example strategies studied include scalping and Fibonacci retracement.

Scalping is an intraday approach involving making several exchanges over the course of the day based on small market fluctuations at timescales such as hours, minutes, or even seconds.

Fibonacci retracement involves identifying the high and low points of a trend in the market, then using a mathematical pattern known as the Fibonacci sequence to draw lines at projected retracement levels between the high and low points.

Regardless of the strategies or markets that IM Academy students prefer, each Academy shares an emphasis on self-motivated learning bolstered by supportive mentorship, with the goal of finding an approach to studying that makes sense for each individual.

“When you do anything, any business, anything, a plan is necessary. When you’re looking at the markets, you have to have a game plan. All right? I look at some people, they look at just Elliott wave. I look at some people, they look at just market profile. I look at some people, they look at stochastics,” explained Terry in another video. “You have to have your own model. You pick from here, you pick from there and you pick from here, and you make it your own. So you always want to always seek new information and grow.”

Note: IM Mastery Academy is not an advisory or broker service. IM Mastery Academy provides online educational services only.