Importance Of A Real Estate Attorney While Drafting or Signing A Lease 

A lease is a contract that legally binds two parties by stating the terms that involve one of them renting property owned by them to the other for a certain period in exchange for consistent payments. 

It is an incorporeal right, meaning that they are enforceable by law. Any breaches or errors in meeting the contractual obligations can result in legal consequences. It is essential to have the aid of a real estate attorney while drafting and signing one to ensure that every aspect of it is correct and cannot lead to any negative consequences in the future. 

A real estate attorney Monroe NC is aware of all recent regulations and laws regarding residential and commercial leases and considers them before drafting a lease both parties can agree on. 

Two types of leases:

  • Commercial lease

Most businesses need an area to work and function in. Places they rent out for their commercial activities require a commercial lease. Commercial leases are usually harder to break since they are long-term. Commercial tenants can also pay for any of their excess expenditure. 

  • Residential lease

Renting out a house or apartment to a tenant for residency. Additionally, residential leases mostly have a standard form. Residential tenants are usually not responsible for the maintenance expenses.

How a real estate attorney can help you:

  • Negotiation.

Since commercial leases require more changes in the space, they are often subject to more negotiation. In such cases, a real estate attorney will be to provide adequate help for fair negotiation.

  • Review Lease. 

Leases are usually absolute net, triple net, modified gross, and full-service leases, and each type has different terms. Common leases consist of the length of the lease, rent and any possible fluctuations in the future, details about the rented space, the extra expenses your rent covers if it does, such as maintenance based on the type, any modifications in the rented space, and who is responsible for financing them, termination, and renewal. Real estate attorneys consider your needs and ensure that any part of it cannot affect you in the future by carefully reviewing each part of it to avoid financial losses and legal disputes. 

  • Ensure fairness. 

Often landlords or “lessors” draft leases in a way that can cause a disadvantage to the tenant or “lessee.” Attorneys are aware of their tactics and use their skills to negotiate to agree to terms that are fair to them. They also consider your customized needs for the space and the duration to push for a more beneficial deal in the long run. Moreover, attorneys are educated about the laws about your lease and make sure that it abides by them while protecting your rights as a tenant. 

Real estate attorneys look out for you and protect you from any legal and financial complications that might occur regarding your lease in the future. They help you better understand the terms and prevent you from entering a contract that does not fulfill your requirements. Choose an attorney that knows what you want and prioritizes your best interest to ensure a fair lease.