Living life to the fullest is very demanding. There are myriads of activities that need your attention, from moving around to see to your career needs, being in charge of organizing volunteer events and charity functions. Domestic chores surely aren’t left out of the horde. To be able to stay on top of your game, staying fit and healthy is required.

Paying attention to your health, especially your bones and joints, is integral to living life to the fullest. A joint is a connecting point between two bones. Joints and their surrounding systems enable you to squat your elbows and knees, shake your hips, move your head, and wave your fingers, saying goodbye.

We all can agree that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Your joints play a role in that. There are three structural classifications of joints:

  • Fibrous Joint: they are bound by dense, strong connective tissue that is collagen fibers rich. These immovable joints are commonly interlocked with jagged edges.
  • Cartilaginous Joint: these are a little more flexible than fibrous joints. They are connected by fibrocartilage or hyaline cartilage.
  • Synovial Joint: this is the most movable and common joint type in the body. These joints have a synovial cavity. They’ll be our main focus in this article.

The synovial joint has three main features:

  1. The articular cartilage: cartilage is a soft, spongy connective tissue. It is terrible for the cartilage in your joint to wear off from disuse. Which cushions the joint and prevents friction and wear and tear between the bone ends.
  2. Articular capsule: This is characterized by ligaments and connective tissues holding the joint together and consists of the inner and outer layers. The inner layer is also referred to as the synovial layer or synovium, which secretes synovial fluid.
  3. Synovial fluid: also called synovia, is a thick, non-Newtonian fluid found in the holes of synovia. It chiefly contains hyaluronic acid. The primary role of synovia is to reduce resistance between the articular cartilages of synovial joints during activity.

Caring for your joint helps you live to the fullest.

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A joint supplement intends to help maintain joint health, and in retrospect, help you live a wholesome life. An excellent joint supplement may vigorously combat and lessen the signs of various joint ailments. On a daily, numerous people engage in arduous activities just to live a full life. You need all the help you can get, which is how joint supplements come in.

A joint supplement offers the help your joints need no matter the nature of your undertakings in your quest to live a full life. You may have a hereditary condition, a problem with your weight, or be a sports person, a joint supplement assists you keep a strong joint, especially as you get older.


Procosa by USANA is a joint supplement that was developed to help you support and optimize your joint health. The supplement Procosa by USANA contains glucosamine, vitamin c, and manganese which operate together to help you maintain healthy joints.

Glucosamine enables the creation of collagen and the hyaluronic acid formed in the synovial fluid. Vitamin c aids in the generation of collagen. Collagen assists in preserving healthy connective tissues in the joint. Glucosamine in USANA Procosa may be effective in helping maintain a healthy and lubricated joint. Also, manganese can be beneficial in strengthening collagen, and it participates in synovial fluid production.

USANA Procosa delivers thorough support for joint health and its functionality so you can live your life to the full. Take advantage of the USANA Procosa joint supplement to maintain a healthy joint.

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