Marketing Strategy: ToFU, MoFU, and BoFU

Marketing strategy starts working from the first stages when potential customers learn about your brand, until the final purchasing stage. The success of your marketing campaign affects your sales directly. You have to boost people’s interest on a regular basis, otherwise your customers will lose motivation and interest very fast. Do not forget about competition in the market, when customers have a huge choice and they can choose other products/services any time. A professional marketing campaign is like a ladder, your customers climb, when they just discover your brand and decide to try your products.

A marketing analysis can let your company know what to do in order to develop your business and influence your clients at all stages. By marketing evaluation, you are able to increase your sales, boost brand awareness, and make your customers trust you.

ToFU / MoFU / BoFU: Marketing Methods

If you work in the marketing field, the understanding of ToFu MoFu BoFu is essential as they are efficient marketing methods used by marketers in order to pace all the stages of the marketing funnels. ToFu/MoFu/BoFu require certain lead nurturing marketing strategies. They stand for the top/middle/bottom of the marketing funnel.

Top Of Funnel (ToFu) – what we call a top of a marketing funnel is where a lot of potential customers have all the chances to become your clients and start purchasing your products/services. The more leads you attract, the bigger sales you will receive.

Middle Of Funnel (MoFu) – when your leads move through your marketing funnel, some of them will drop off. The goal is to have a narrower neck.

Bottom Of Funnel (BoFu) – at the final step, a limited number of leads will go through the bottom of the marketing funnel and, as a result, they will become your clients.
Choosing the Right Contents for Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel
In order to generate a lot of leads and do your best to serve your clients, your goal is to plan your marketing strategy in advance. Do not think that as soon as people watch your advertising or a post on social media platforms, they will make a purchase immediately. In reality the process of decision making looks different. A client weighs several factors before the final purchase. That is why you must have a clear understanding of ToFu, BoFu, and MoFu stages of the marketing funnel.

ToFu/MoFu/BoFu Stages:
There are three stages your potential customers follow:

Awareness Stage: it includes blog/social media posts, bright infographics, podcasts, multimedia, white papers, and newsletters.
Consideration Stage: it includes various educational sources. surveys, webinars, promotional materials, and downloads.
Decision Stage: it includes various case studies, trials, demos, public events, stories, and consultations.
After Purchase Stage: ex customers and their relationships with your company.