Necessary Skills for Online Students

Students used to study in a traditional method and there they used to do hard work a lot, they had to prepare notes manually and had to go through so much of stress and they could never talk about it also, being in the tutor centred class. Few years ago, online education was introduced in the education market but didn’t get much attention as people were comfortable in their daily routine life and traditional learning system and also people did not trust on online education. But during the COVID-19 everything including the education sector started to happen online and that too with permission of the government. This online learning and education provided many types of facilities to the students and made their education easy and more comfortable. This online system of doing everything was not only comfortable for the students but also for the school management, many things in their work procedure were transferred online from manual, for example, for management of fees related matters school managements opted fees management system and for admission related issues they opted school management software. But as far as student learning is concerned, students still need some skills in them to go along with online learning. Pandemic completely changed the scenario of the education system. And in this changed face of education, it became necessary for the students to acquire some skills to make their online learning easy. 

Let’s understand those skills needed for online learning. First of all, students need to acquire control over their time-management. It is so because time management skills give the chance to the students to maintain their whole schedule. Students need to bifurcate their time in order to achieve all those small goals which can lead to achieving bigger goals. For this student needs to set their goals and start to make the schedule for it and work accordingly. Also, they need to prioritize their tasks in a perfect sequence which can be followed in a sequence so that cluster by cluster student can achieve their goals. As a school management uses fees management system and admission management software as tools to manage many tasks related to fees and admission of the students respectively, in the same way students can also use some techniques for time management like bifurcating learning of all the subjects in clusters of 30 minutes in whole after returning home from school. In online learning it is necessary for the students to have good communication skills. It is necessary because students have to communicate with their tutor and peers also regarding the lessons and many such queries which if they could not ask properly to the tutor then they are not going to understand the topic and will suffer with bad scores in the class. Students should be fluent enough in emailing the notes, projects and assignments and should also have the proper understanding of audio-video lectures. 

Students need to have some technical skills like knowledge of MS Office under which they should know MS-Word in order to prepare online notes, MS-Excel in order to prepare tabular data and MS-PowerPoint in order to prepare slideshow for the presentation of topics of projects and assignments. Also, it is necessary for the students to organize their notes on their desktops or laptops. In online education also students need proper motivation because just like manual and traditional studies online studies also becomes sometimes hectic. Then it is necessary for the students to keep their mind away from indulging into multiple tasks at one time and should focus on studies only at study time. Keep the mind away from distractions while online learning. Also, company matters a lot, so in online learning also surround yourself with optimistic people who have positive vibes and who have a positive approach towards learning and life. Students should never burden their minds beyond their capacity and should go a little easy with themselves in online learning also and avoid being stressed. 

For this, students need to remove non-essential tasks from their daily routine and distribute that time into tasks related to studies. Students should not burden their minds with those things which are not in their capacity. Instead they should focus on those skills which can be promoted easily.  Following the above stated necessary skills for the online study students can achieve success easily.