Online skills testing software – Should agencies use it? And why?

Smart technology and good recruitment are a great pair, one that is much needed for success. So, why not add online skills testing software to the hiring process? This kind of software is as fundamental to the modern hiring process as a good recruitment software system is.

Online skills assessment can be used at any period of the recruitment process. But recruiters mostly use it during the pre-employment stage.

Pre-employment skills testing is all about assessing candidate skills during the applicant screening process. Checking a job applicant right at the outset is useful because –

  • It is time-saving
  • Helps recognise skills level
  • Determines the quality of candidates
  • Prevents unconscious bias
  • Easier to decide if a candidate should proceed further

Basically, candidate skills testing via skills testing software enables recruiters to understand whether an applicant is qualified enough for the role.

Assessing skills early on in the recruiting stage saves time, too. Typically, only the best candidates go to the next round. Using skills assessment software arms recruiters with the required knowledge about their applicants. After looking at the skills test results, they can decide whether the candidate should be shortlisted and proceed to the next round.

This prevents the hiring manager from having to deal with candidates who are not qualified enough or suitable for the role. It would also boost the recruiter’s abilities with the hiring company if they get excellent candidates. This would prove that the recruiter has done the necessary research and work to find and present the best-suited applicants.

Skills assessments also produce results that are extremely valuable in providing recruiters with a competitive edge. It’s because these are tangible evidence of how strong a candidate is and whether they would make a reliable employee.

If different recruiters are trying to promote their own candidates but one recruiter provides skills test results that showcase their candidates’ skillset and highlight their knowledge then this recruiter’s candidates are likely to be of interest to the hiring managers.

The benefits of online skills testing software

Nowadays, recruiters and employers have switched to online skills testing. This is a very efficient and effective part of vetting candidates and ensuring suitability.

Digital and remote recruiting have taken over the world, especially since 2020 in light of the global health crisis. Recruitment software systems proved to be vital for all kinds of recruitment agencies. The circumstances also ushered in new users of online skills testing software who have found it vastly more resourceful and convenient than traditional skills assessment methods.

  • Convenient for both recruiters and candidates
  • Easy to administer the tests
  • Test results are comprehensive
  • Standardised tests to evaluate candidates fairly
  • Vast library of tests to choose from
  • Candidates can take the test from anywhere

Online skills testing delivers the above advantages to users. Recruiters who are familiar with skills testing software and utilise it to test candidates online find it extremely convenient. They do not have to spend days organising a test venue and confirming the candidates’ availability. Instead, they can simply choose the appropriate test from the system and send the test link.

The tests usually last from anywhere within 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the subject type. And once the individuals are done with their assessment the test results are immediately generated and sent to the recruiter’s inbox.

So, assessing candidates online fosters more efficiency, productivity and convenience. Recruiters, candidates and hiring managers will benefit from the use of online skills testing software.