Preparation before and after double eyelid surgery

Preparation before double eyelid surgery

Whether you want to have double eyelids, double eyelids, ptosis correction, eye lift or whether to manage any type of eye problems. After discussing with the doctor to find a course of treatment The body must be prepared before all types of double eyelid surgery are performed as follows:

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before surgery

  • Refrain from taking certain medications, such as those in the aspirin group. A supplement containing vitamins C, E, A and cod liver oil. To prevent easy bleeding during double eyelid surgery
  • Avoid smoking. drinking alcohol
  • Should not have eye disease. or had eye inflammation before undergoing surgery

1 day before the Double Eyelid Surgery

  • Avoid spicy food, tea, coffee for at least 6 hours in case of general anesthesia.
  • Get enough rest.

In addition, if you have a medical condition or are allergic to drugs, you should inform your doctor in detail. And avoid wearing any kind of metal jewelry before the surgery. and recommend that you bring sunglasses with you Helps prevent dust from entering the eyes during the journey home after double eyelid surgery.

Caring for yourself after double eyelid surgery

In double eyelid surgery, the doctor uses specialized techniques that help reduce pain. recover quickly And there is no need to stay overnight to recuperate. You can go back and take care of yourself at home. Strictly taking care of yourself will help the wound heal faster. Greatly reduce the risk of problems after surgery. You should take care of yourself as follows. Here you can go to know the best Guest Post Sites

1.It is recommended to take a break after 1-2 days after surgery for all types of double eyelid surgery to reduce eye use and have more time to compress the wound. The wound from the double eyelid surgery will heal faster.

  1. After the double eyelid surgery, within 24 hours, start applying antiseptic ointment as prescribed by the doctor on the incision area of ​​the eyelid and for the first 7 nights, sleep with your head higher than usual. to reduce swelling
  2. Absolutely do not touch the wound with water. because it is easy to get infected And do not rub your eyes or scratch the surgical area until the stitches are cut.
  3. Cleaning the wound Use a clean cotton swab moistened with salt water. Then wipe the blood stains seeping around the wound. Should clean the double eyelid surgery wound 1-2 times a day.
  4. Should apply a cold compress to the forehead and around the eyes during the first 2 days after surgery and on the 3rd day onwards, if there is a bruise, use a warm compress to help heal faster. But if there is no green bruise, you can continue to apply cold compresses.
  5. Take medicine strictly as prescribed by the doctor. Antibiotics can be taken and medicine to reduce swelling If it hurts, you can take painkillers. and for medications or vitamins that are stopped before surgery Can be eaten after surgery on the 3rd day or when there is no bleeding
  6. You can start washing your face 3 days after the surgery and you can start to put on some makeup. But after the surgery, 1-2 weeks will be able to make up the eye area normally.
  7. Within 5-7 days, you can live a normal life. But try to wear sunglasses to prevent dust, wind and dirt when going outdoors.
  8. You should refrain from drinking alcohol. and refrain from strenuous activities for 6 weeks after surgery And avoid fermented foods, eggs, seafood for 2 weeks to prevent itchy blisters.
  9. Swelling after surgery will last for about 3 days and will begin to subside on the 4th day and so on and will gradually disappear within 2-3 weeks. After the 4th week, you will begin to see the eyelid clearly. climb and will actually be in place for about 3 months or more
  10. Some side effects that may be encountered will be a bruise. This is normal, in just 2-3 weeks the bruises will disappear completely. After the surgery in the early stages, there may be swelling that makes the eyes look uneven. You have to wait for the swelling to heal first. So it will make the eye layers equally equal normally.
  11. For people who wear contact lenses It should be consulted by a surgeon before it can be reinserted.

Length of time for double eyelid surgery

The duration of double eyelid surgery may vary more or less depending on the technique used for double eyelid surgery and the difficulty of each case. This may take 30-45 minutes to complete the surgery. But after the surgery is done, you can return to recuperate at home and there will be an appointment to cut the stitches within 7 days and there will be 2-3 follow-up appointments to make sure that there are no problems. After double eyelid surgery