Professional Packing Tips to make your move an easy breeze

Moving home is exciting for some but some get overwhelmed only at the idea of packing and moving their whole household. It is a time-consuming and tedious process and people especially procrastinators find it hard to understand where to start from. The process gets even more complicated and overwhelming if you leave important tasks including packing to the last minute. If you are planning a move, here are some professional tips that you should follow to reduce your last-minute moving stress at bay and a smooth and successful move.

Skim Your Move

The first and foremost step to have a smooth and easy move is to get rid of any unwanted and unused stuff. While moving is the best time to de-clutter your home, it also saves you a good amount of money. State to state movers at Pricing Van Lines charge based on the size of your move so it makes sense to remove all those items that you do not need anymore. Sell, donate, and trash are three good options to get rid of anything that you no longer want to keep. Take measurements of all hallways and doorways of your new home to understand if your existing furniture will easily pass through them. If you find any furniture item that will not pass through the doorways of your new house, it is wise to sell those big furniture items before moving.

Start Early

Don’t procrastinate your packing process and make sure you start it as soon as you get to know about your move. Plan and execute your packing process well to avoid any mess on the last day. Packing is a huge task that needs a lot of patience and planning. You can break the process into smaller tasks and chunks to stay organized. Consider packing similar kinds of things together, for instance, pack all seasonal clothes in the beginning. Similarly, pack all your new and unused crockery well in advance. Things that you do not use in a routine should be packed first. You can also break your packing process by room; take each room at a time and start sorting stuff.

Right Packing Supplies

Most moving companies bring their own packing material but if you are planning to pack your goods on your own, it becomes mandatory to get the right packing supplies. Make sure you buy or gather sturdy moving boxes to keep your goods safe. Credible moving companies suggest not to forget to buy enough markers, labels, packing tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. All these things are very important to ease down both your packing and unpacking tasks. You can also use hand towels, socks, and linens as fillers in the boxes.

Pack Smartly

Break down your packing process into manageable parts to stay sane as packing is a long and tedious job. Breaking down your packing process will make it a little less boring and if you will start early, you can take out a little time every day to pack some at a time. Make some space and start placing and piling your packed boxes on the side of a wall. Do not forget to label each box properly and also, you can consider color-coding the boxes by room.

It is very important to pack a bag of essentials for the moving day and keep it with you. Keep a set of clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, chargers of all your electronic devices, some packed food, a bedsheet, and prescription meds, etc. This essentials bag will be very helpful and you won’t have to open boxes on the very first day at your new place after a tiring move day.

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Take Help

Even if you are planning to do all your packing yourself, it is wise to take the help of your family and friends with the process. By taking their help, you will not only be saved from a lot of hard work but will also get a company. The boring packing process will be all fun with your favorite people around. Also, you can hire your professional movers for some additional services like packing your delicate art material, electronics like TV, and any other fragile items. Ask for their assistance in disassembling your furniture as they are experts in the task.

Even if you are packing things yourself, do not try carrying heavy items as this may lead to serious injuries. Save your money elsewhere and hire labor for loading and unloading the moving truck.

By following the above-said steps, you can make your packing process easier than usual. The thumb rule of a successful packing process is to start it early and stay organized throughout the process. Do not procrastinate and you will not only find the process easy but also fun. Packing is one of the most complicated and time-consuming parts of a moving process and by doing it right, you can consider your move is half done.