Real estate and housing market in Sydney

Sydney is a super popular city for people looking to move to Australia. It is the most populated city in Australia. It’s always bustling, and there’s always something happening in the city. Sydney is a city filled with historical landmarks and has an exciting and vibrant culture. The city is widely multicultural; it has people hailing from all around the world, from the US to China. The large immigrant population is because of the city’s job market. Sydney is Australia’s economic powerhouse, with Sydney being home to 40% of Australia’s top 500 corporations, 90% of international banks, 60% of ICT companies, and 50% of professional services organisations. These factors have created an enormous demand for real estate and housing in the city, also creating a demand for buyers agents in Sydney.

Things to look for while buying property in Sydney

Atmosphere- Nobody like to wake up and face a concrete jungle in the morning. Consider the surroundings of the place you are looking to buy.

Affordability- An obvious thought. Do look at the pricing of the property before you decide.

Family Friendliness- Living in a place with only professionals or in a place with a constantly noisy atmosphere should be avoided.

Safety – Choose a neighbourhood with a minimal crime rate.

Public transport- This is an important factor for ease in everyday life. Having convenient transport can be a blessing.

Some of the best areas in Sydney are Artarmon, Summer hill, Concord, and Waverton.

How can buyers agents be useful in Sydney?

Buyers agents are people who represent buyers in the real estate process. Everything these agents do is based on their strategies and systems. They develop efficient methods and ideas for easing up the process. This fixed form of operation gives them an advantage in the market. Using agents while buying or investing in a property gives us an advantage over others. Most Short term apartment rental agency mostly operate based on three things, those are:

Understand the Client: Agents listen and understand the needs of their clients. Based this, they plan and tailor an ideal plan fit for their clients. By following a plan made especially for you, you get to achieve your dream property in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

Knowledge and research: Buyers agents have a lot of experience in the housing and real estate market. By hiring them, you have access to all the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years. By using this, clients can save a lot of time and avoid overspending.

Negotiations: The major part of all large sales is the negotiation of the price. Clients can leave this to the agents. Agents secure the best price with little involvement by the buyer.

Sydney housing and real estate market right now.

The Sydney housing market was on an all-time high during the coronavirus lockdown.

Housing prices rose by an amazing 30.4 per cent in the past year. However, things have slowed down. The rate of growth in the market has more than halved in the last few months. Growth in the city’s apartment market has been lethargic, with median unit values still down in the recent past in approximately 30% of areas. It has been predicted that the growth will further slow down with increasing affordability constraints.

Guide to Choosing the Best Office Space

You should be diligent when looking for the best office space to purchase or lease. Aim for a vibrant space that will keep workers engaged, productive, and satisfied. It should reflect your company culture and investment goals.

It’s best to consider the location, size, price, layout, and always have a contingency plan. If you are having a hard time finding a good space, feel free to work with an agency that offers free space surveys as a no-obligation service.