Run Instagram Ads For Your Business

Instagram has more than 500 million users housed on its social media portal. With such a huge audience you can easily promote your products and services. Instagram has in no time become a destination for all online businesses. People have their profiles made on Instagram to promote their business and reach out to customers all across the world. This is the cheapest yet the best way to promote any business at an organic level especially bootstrap business. Instagram has business accounts that you can use to reach out better. These business accounts help you reach out better as they come with additional features to support your business. One such feature is Instagram ads.

Let’s confer Instagram ads

Instagram ads are featured posts that are shown to all your followers and unfollowers amidst their feeds, reels, stories, etc. the placement of these ads is done in such a way that they are sure to catch an eye. Instagram ads are shown for a particular duration of time and are targeted to attract a specific audience. You can convert any well-performing post of yours as an ad or post whole new content for ads. You can select new content through an online tool which is StoriesIG. StoriesIG will help you in creating, viewing, and sharing your private content without ever worrying about the person knowing. Instagram ads look like ordinary posts but there are certain differentiators such as links, a CTA button, and a tag saying ‘sponsored’.

Here are two different ways to run ads on Instagram:

  1. Instagram in-app posts and stories: One way to run ads on Instagram is by converting any of your posts into ads. For this, you can simply select a post from your profile that seems to be doing very well and have good engagement rates. If you have a business account you can easily see a promotion button over the posts. Click this to convert any post into an ad. Now select the duration, location, target audience, and a package according to your budget that you are willing to pay to put up the ad. All these details are used to target your audience and realize your current goals. Tap on the create promotion button and voila your ad is created.
  2. Ads manager for Instagram ads: Ads manager is a Facebook feature that helps you create ads and then post them. Ads manager is focused on helping you create ads that are customer-specific and appealing. To create an ad on ads manager go to ads manager and click on the create button. This asks you to choose the objectives that your ad is being made for, it could be brand awareness, reach, traffic, promotion, etc. choose the objectives for your ad and click ok. Now the ads manager prompts you to choose a budget for your ads and the time duration for which the ads should be visible, enter the details and tap ok. The next step involves choosing the target audience and places you want to have your ad displayed. If you want to restrict your ad to Instagram you choose that or display the ad on both Instagram and Facebook. Now tap ok and create your ads by adding a picture, videos, and text in the panel. Finalize and confirm your ad, make payments and tap confirm. Your ad will be displayed in all the locations where it would perform well.