Sriram Varrieth of SalesDuo: Amazon Launchpad: Accelerating Growth for Innovative Startups

Introduced by Amazon in 2015, Amazon Launchpad assists startups and emerging brands in introducing and marketing innovative products to a broader global audience. Launchpad serves as a tailored marketplace for products that are created by up-and-coming entrepreneurs, facilitating enhanced traction and visibility for these products by tapping into Amazon’s vast customer base.

How does Amazon Launchpad help?

Innovation Showcase: The program collaborates with Incubators, Accelerators, and VC firms such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter, TechStars, Y Combinator, Circle Up, etc. to showcase cutting-edge innovative products.

Marketing and Promotions: Amazon Launchpad products often receive additional marketing and promotional support from Amazon, which can include features like enhanced product pages, sponsored placements, and more.

Global Expansion: Through the Amazon Launchpad program, merchants have opportunities to expand their businesses on an international scale. Through the program, sellers have access to nine additional Launchpad locations and can benefit from localized launch assistance and advantages. This includes complimentary translation services, easing the process for EU vendors to market their products in neighboring countries. As well as providing access to consumer insights and marketing assistance, Amazon Launchpad enables retailers to locate new customers and efficiently target them with the appropriate message.

Expertise and Support: The program offers unique tools and support to Amazon sellers. This includes a personalized onboarding experience with insights other sellers don’t have access to and guidance on improving detail pages and optimizing product listings and accounts. Furthermore, sellers can access quick-start guides, Benefit Support, AWS credits, and webinars. These benefits help Amazon sellers optimize their business and increase sales.

Amazon Services: Brands that participate in Amazon Launchpad can benefit from Amazon’s logistics, customer service, and fulfillment services, which can help streamline their operations.

Eligibility for Enrolling in Amazon Launchpad

  1. Have been listed on Amazon for fewer than 4 years
  2. Products must have atleast a 3.5 star rating
  3. Generated less than 5 million in gross revenue
  4. Have FBA eligibility
  5. Have Brand Registry enrolled


While Amazon selects its Launchpad participants with great care, there’s no guarantee of acceptance. However, if you are accepted, Amazon will provide you with more visibility for your brand, which is their main selling point.

Amazon is constantly seeking “unique and unconventional products” to stand behind and favors firms who are working with one of their venture capital partners or crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The success of your Launchpad campaign will ultimately depend on your product, your brand story, and the quality of your writing and design. Any marketing program has no assurances, therefore you must conduct your own due diligence.

mium A+ material and show off your goods in the best possible light. Amazon won’t execute your marketing efforts for you; they will merely amplify them. The notable 5% bonus and the one-year commitment are pivotal components of the Amazon Launchpad program. Consider signing up if you’re willing to take a year-long revenue penalty in exchange for more exposure and a committed Amazon rep.

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