Steps you should take if you are a victim of blackmail or extortion

The world is connecting faster with the rise of smartphones. The internet is now one click away. Data storage is now primarily digital. People store confidential information on their devices, thinking it is entirely safe. However, that is not the case.

Our confidence in the security of the technology is primarily owed to الأمن السيبراني. Cybersecurity is the protection of data stored in software or hardware. The التحقيق الجنائي الرقمي primarily manages these systemsالتحقيق الجنائي الرقمي.

What are blackmail and extortion?

Blackmail is the use of confidential and potentially embarrassing or defaming information against an individual. The way this works is the one who has access to this information threatens the owner of the data to spread it in case any of their demands are not met.

Extortion is similar in that the hacker threatens to publicize embarrassing information about an individual unless large sums of money are paid. This is done chiefly through ransomware, when the hacker completely seals the device’s contents to an owner.

What to do if you find yourself being blackmailed?

The first step is to collect evidence. Screenshots, recordings, threats. Take screenshot with snipping tool or if you are using mac pc you can use a screenshot for mac software.  Have a copy of everything to present as evidence when you do get around to reporting it. Anything that makes your case stronger should be saved as proof.

Your safest bet is to involve the authorities are early as possible. Then, once you even have a tiny amount of evidence, you can take your case to the police or relevant authorities in your country to help you follow up. They will also guide you on how to collect more evidence and begin tracking down the hackers.

Although it may be highly tempting in a panic situation, do not give into the blackmailer’s demands. It is going to continue endlessly with more and more orders. Or the attacker will vanish, and it’ll get harder to track him down.

Should I inform family and friends about the situation?

Absolutely! No matter how embarrassing the information you are being blackmailed with is, support is very important in that state to avoid panicking. Constant moral support will make you feel like you are not alone and vulnerable. Solidarity is key. Friends can help report the account and collect more evidence to present to the authorities. After all, that is what family and friends are for.