The Important Facts that you should know about the Oil Press Machine

People are striving to eat healthier to prolong their lives. With various oils produced worldwide, one must be careful when purchasing the right cooking oil.

This article will focus on what you will consider when buying an oil press machine for domestic and commercial use.

Oil making industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Kenya. With the current increase in oil prices due to low production, one should consider investing in this business. However, you should have proper background knowledge of the oil press marching before purchase. Also, if you are one of those people who believe in making everything at home, then we have an answer for you.

There are portable oil press machines available today that you can use to extract oil for your domestic use. They are also easy to use. Just make sure that you have a power supply. The oil press machine will allow you to extract natural oil without the addition of preservatives for use at home.

The oil press machine expresses or extracts oil from nuts, olives and seeds. The engine uses friction and pressure to compress the seed materials. It makes the oil through the small openings while the fibre is not allowed to pass through. Here are factors to consider when purchasing an oil press machine:

Seed Material

When buying an oil press machine, consider the type of oil machine you want to buy in line with the seed material you wish to process. The seed materials include sunflower seeds, sesame, castor beans, corns, coconut, palm, ground nuts, beans, and gotten seeds. You can choose the oil press machine in the market after considering the materials you want to work with for your business.

Most oil press machines are designed to extract oil according to the type of seed material.


It all depends on how much oil you want to produce daily. A variety of models available in the market enable one to extract oil depending on the capacity it holds. Domestic users do not require large-capacity oil press machines. These are meant for commercial purposes.

You should always go for one that will suit you according to your needs.


One of the essential features when purchasing a product is its durability. You should check the oil press machine well before buying it to ensure it is of good quality. You should paint the oil press machine evenly. The spare parts should also be well elaborated. The oil press machine price in Kenya has become affordable even as you compare it with the quality of the machine.

Market price

Before purchasing the oil press machine, you should check its market prices. Oil press machines are available in online shops and some supermarkets. There are different kinds of oil press machines with additional prizes. Go for one that is pocket friendly and also within your capital. Also, take into consideration your needs and standard.

However, you should also note that there are hot and cold oil pressing machines. The cold pressing machines produce good quality oil rich in omega-three fatty acids and more antioxidants than hot pressing machines.

Their oils are also rich in vitamin E and oleic acid, which aids in boosting your immune system. Therefore cold pressing oil machines naturally tend to be more expensive than hot pressing machines.


When you are thinking of buying an oil press machine, look for one that is of good quality and at an affordable price. Also, check the manufacturer to ascertain the best oil press machine. There are manufacturers worldwide that produce good-quality oil machines at low prices.