The LinkedIn pros: 11 ways to go viral on LinkedIn

What is the reason you blog? Isn’t that what you want? But sometimes, your reach isn’t very far. You’re limited by the size of the people who already follow you.

Every day, people are inundated with more information than they can process. The average person’s attention span is about the same as that of a goldfish. So, how do you make your content go even further and get a lot of people to read it?

1. The crucial thing you should do is write in a conversational rhythm and tone.

Nobody likes reading content that isn’t interesting, so always write in a conversational tone and rhythm. Because, for example, I’ve often seen people write on LinkedIn in a very business-like way. That’s not what people want, and it doesn’t work well on LinkedIn.

So it’s better if you make something that people want to connect with. Try to start a conversation in your content, keep a conversational tone in your writing, and understand how long and short sentences work together to make sense.

2. Use Simple Words

The content you write doesn’t have to be cute or clever. Use simple words. You should try to be clear and simple. Content should be written in a way that a 10-year-old would be able to read and understand.

It’s very important to use these simple words. As you write, make it easy for your reader to follow along and understand what you’re saying.

3. The Power of White Space can help you

If you want to post any content on LinkedIn, you will put each of these sentences below the other one in order. It will be a lot of text. There must be white space in between each sentence.

Press the “Enter” button on your keyboard two times to get the word in. There should be some white space in there. It makes easier for your reader to read. Even though it looks lighter and is easier to read on the phone, it will make a big difference.

4. Start with something that draws attention.

When you want to write a good LinkedIn post, always start with something that will get people’s attention. There will be the “Read more” option if you write a long post. But you will only able to see the first two sentences.

There is a good chance that no one will read the post that you are writing if you can’t get their attention in the first two sentences. : Then they’ll go to the next Linkedin post.

5. when you read, use Emoji to make it easier to read

Use emojis to make it easier to read. Then, we can use it in two ways. One of the things we do at the end to get people’s attention is to put an emoji in there, as well.

If users are scrolling through their feed and see an Emoji, they might read the first two sentences for a split second before moving on. Then, if they think it’s interesting, they can click the read more button and read our whole post. This is something that works for us.

If you want to give your LinkedIn post a little extra structure, you can use this trick. There are many ways to make lists. I will put a different emoji that points to this in my LinkedIn post to give it more structure. I will also look for other things to add to it.

6. Give away things on LinkedIn

If anyone wants to get something we leave on LinkedIn, they have to comment at the bottom of my post. People who read the beginning of this article will know why these 30 to 60 minutes are so important.

To get the lead magnets you have for them, only if they write something in the comments will they get them from you. The algorithm thinks this post is very important, so it will keep you at the top of the list and show up in the feed. To know more about it kindly visit

7. Hash tags and Tags are most important

Tag people and use hashtags that are related so people will see them. There are a lot of hashtags to choose from when people sign up for LinkedIn right now. As a result, people are using these hashtags to post content.

It will also show up in their feed when you post content with these hashtags. People who already use these hashtags or will in the future get a notification, and it will show up in their feed.

8. Get to know each other

LinkedIn has a large number of users. People, too, like making new acquaintances. As a result, focus on stories that are personal to you. Try to express yourself in a unique way.

A brand that no one can identify with will fail. Instead, establish yourself as someone to whom others can connect. When using LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to tell your own storey and be authentic.

9. Plant Your Seeds

Make connections with individuals that matter and connect with LinkedIn acquaintances. When you first start up, you won’t have any customers. It’s possible to make friends with them if you can connect with them.

Make certain your friends can see everything you publish. Once you’ve seen what they’re doing, you’ll want to join in the conversation by leaving comments on their postings. Start interacting with other users by leaving comments and like their posts. If you’re planting trees, you’ll be able to see the seeds sprouting in a few years. You should, too.

10. Find out how to tell a story on LinkedIn

People enjoy reading stories. To be a thoughtful leader and put interesting things on LinkedIn, you need to learn how to write stories. If you know that people will read, this is a skill you need to learn.

When you write a story with the Hero’s Journey Framework, there are only five simple steps that you need to follow to do it. If you work in social media or want to learn SEO, writing a story is a big part of it.

  • 1st Phase:- The Test Phase
  • 2nd Phase: – Find out what the problem is
  • 3rd Phase, you will get help.
  • 4th Phase: the solution phase.

11. Try to Ask for People to Join You

The 11th tip would be: As a next step, ask for people to interact with your content, and they might do so. So this might be the easiest thing to do, but it could make a huge difference in the number of people who read your LinkedIn post. This is what you should do.