The need for health promotion programs

Workers in hospitals, factories, businesses, schools, colleges, day care centers, government offices, churches, health clinics, community centers, and local health departments are all thinking about how to improve the lives and productivity of people where they live, work, and play. And if you are working or planning to work in health education, public health, medicine, nursing, or any other health – related field, you ’ re probably going to be involved with a health promotion program at some time.

In the process, you’ll use your clinical and professional expertise as well as academic training to develop and implement a plan to improve the health status of individuals and populations as well as reduce the risk of persons becoming ill or help restore their health. You’ll most likely be part of a team that is organizing a health promotion program.

At first, the concept of a program to improve or promote the health of people may sound a little intimidating. Ultimately, it becomes clear that although the idea of a health promotion program is appealing and seems worthwhile, turning the idea into reality demands work and expertise. In other words, it is easy to say that something should be done or needs to be done. It is very different to know how to design and implement a program to actually achieve a specific health outcome or an improvement in the overall health status of a specific population. It is a complex process.

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