Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Horse Saddle Pads

Horse saddle pads are an essential piece of equipment for your horse. It is placed under a saddle to protect the horse’s back and absorb shock. You can get them in various materials, sizes, colors, types, and shapes. But how do you choose the best one for your horse?

Here are the tips for choosing the best quality horse saddle pads.

1. Consider the material

Horse Saddle Pads come in various materials, such as:

  • Wool: This natural fiber is absorbent, breathable, and helps wick away moisture.
  • Cotton: cotton is a natural fiber that is absorbent and breathable.
  • Synthetic fabrics: the material is used to make saddle pads because it’s durable and easy to care for, but it is not absorbent as wool or cotton.

2. Pick the right size

You’ll need to pick the right size of saddle pads as well as Fly Rugs for Horse. The correct size will serve its purpose and be comfortable for your horse. So choose from the various sizes and shapes: pony, cob, full, and x-full.

3. Choose the suitable shape

You’ll need to choose the right shape of saddle pads, and that goes for a Lightweight Turnout Rug as well. The different forms of saddle pads include:

  • Square: It is more common and is designed to fit square-skirted saddles.
  • Contoured: it is designed to provide a contoured shape and conforms to the contours of your horse’s back.
  • Round: a round saddle pad is designed to fit a round-skirted saddle.

4. Consider the color

You’ll find various colors of horse saddle pads in the market. The right color will depend on your preference and the purpose of the saddle pad. The most common colors include white, black, brown, and gray. However, you can request a customized color theme for the seller.

5. Consider the absorbing power

A saddle pad adds to the rider’s weight, increasing the pressure on the horse’s spine. Therefore, you need to choose a product that reduces the shock to the horse. Such a saddle pad makes your horse feel less sore and bounce back more quickly. If you have no idea about the absorbing power of a specific saddle pad, you can ask the seller for advice.

6. Pick the one that dissipates heat

When riding or training your horse, it is customary to see the sweat running off from underneath the saddle. That’s because there is a lot of heat generated by your horse’s action or heat from the hot sun or arena light. There, inquire and choose a saddle pad that dissipates heat and lowers the time needed to get the temperatures back to normal.

7. Maintenance and preservation

It’s not a requirement to wash saddle pads every day. You can clean it after a week or a second or third ride. Remember, too much washing can ruin the material of the saddle pad.

Choose a saddle pad that can easily clean the hair and dirt. Do that by checking the cleaning instructions on the saddle pad. Also, check the maintenance practices that come with the saddle pad. Ensure the guidelines are achievable in your area, or you have all the tools for maintenance, like a vacuum or brush.


You’ll find numerous horse saddle pads in the market. Don’t let choosing the perfect one be daunting. Instead, apply the above tips to get a quality saddle pad that matches your needs and preferences.