Tips for finding a reliable workers’ compensation lawyer in Phoenix

No one wakes up hoping to get injured at work. Unfortunately, workplace mishaps and accidents are not rare in Phoenix. After getting injured at work, your first step should be seeking medical attention. You should also inform your employer at the earliest. In Arizona, all employers must have workers’ compensation insurance. This is a no-fault insurance system that will provide you with financial support for your medical bills and possibly a part of your lost wages. You have to file a claim to win a settlement, which can be hard. Having an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Phoenix by your side will only help, and if you have trouble choosing one, here are some tips to consider. 

  1. Experience counts. You wouldn’t hire a cardiologist for your brain surgery. The same is true for workers’ compensation claims. You don’t need any random lawyer, but someone who works for employees regularly. Ask the attorney if they have a conflict of interest. For instance, if the same lawyer works for your employer for other cases, they may not be the best person to take your case ahead. 
  2. Discuss their profile. Ask the lawyer if they have worked on cases similar to yours. Secondly, the concerned attorney should be open to discussing their current caseload. If a lawyer has too many cases, for now, they may not have the time to devote to your claim. As far as the success rate of a lawyer is concerned, some are allowed to speak about it, while others are not. 
  3. Meet in person. A good workers’ compensation lawyer interested in your case should have time to meet you in person. The lawyer should explain the worth of your claim, your rights, and other key aspects. When you hire an attorney, you have to be sure that they are open for communication. There is no denying that lawyers are busy people, but a good lawyer is someone who will make sure that you have access to their office as needed. 

As for the costs, some attorneys charge for each hour of work, while others may work on a contingency fee. Either way, you should know the costs and expenses of pursuing your claim in advance. Don’t shy away from discussing the tough questions. Fighting your workers’ comp battle doesn’t have to be hard with the right lawyer at work. Don’t waste too much time trying to figure things out on your own.