Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Night’s Sleep

1. Water Is Key

Staying hydrated and healthy means taking on board plenty of liquids. If you are going to be partying until late and perhaps overindulging make sure that you drink plenty of water, that’ll help you avoid that morning headache. A cold shower in the morning can also help jump-start your senses so that you are ready to face the day. 

2. The Power of Citrus

A steaming cup of lemon tea is just what the doctor ordered as a morning refresher. Don’t go for concentrate (or ‘lemon tea’ in a bag) – rather get your hands on some fresh lemons and squeeze them yourself. Mix that juice with hot water. There are a multitude of food gurus who recommend lemon as part of an effective detox. There may be a lack of hard scientific evidence, but most people will agree that the small alone and that first sip acts as an effective ‘pick-me-up’.

For some ideas about what successful CEOs regard as essential ‘power foods‘ review the video below.  

3. The Power of Exercise

Try to get in at least 10-20 minutes of moderate exercise per day. Some days you might be feeling too drained to head for the gym – but make that extra effort. A surge in adrenaline or a great stretching routine does wonders for your mental state – and your body. Make use of any downtime and get that essential exercise, even if it lasts for under an hour. 

4. Clothes Count

Most of us know that there are simply some days that beg for rest and staying in your PJs. However, sometimes this just isn’t practical. The next best thing is to select comfortable clothes (sweatpants, anyone?) in warm and soothing colors – they help offset tiredness and a sometimes grumpy demeanor. Try outfits that feature yellow, autumn reds, or orange – they’ll help to elevate your mood – and the mood of everyone you come into contact with.  

5. Get Enough Sleep

If you feel like a good night’s rest is escaping you there are some things that you can do to make your bedroom more conducive to sleep. Firstly, you will need to declutter your bedroom, it is difficult to relax properly when you are surrounded by stuff. Also ensure that your mattress is supportive and get the best mattresses at Mattress Firm.

6. If you can’t Make it – Fake it

Sometimes the lure of a nice, comfortable warm bed is almost impossible to resist. Stay strong, put a smile on your face (even if it is a bit forced), and set out to conquer the day. You’ll be surprised how often that fake smile transforms into one that is the real thing. Research has shown that our facial expressions can be a huge determinant of our mood. Make that extra effort to smile and you might find that your stress will begin to evaporate, replaced by a feeling of well-being. Fake it until you make it – and remember, smile and the world smiles with you.