Top 4 reasons why recruiters use skills assessment tests

It is not good recruitment until pre-employment skills testing takes place. The thought behind this is because skills assessment tests provide more details that encourage better hiring decisions. For this reason alone, skills testing software is a great tool for recruiters.

However, recruiters will find that this recruiting tool is beneficial in many different ways. Good candidate skills assessment software solutions are easy to use so they will not distract from the recruiting process. Most recruitment agencies invest in a skills testing software that integrates perfectly with their recruitment software tool.

Benefits of candidate skills testing

Below are the key four reasons why proactive recruiters turn to pre-employment skills assessment tests.

1. Prevents candidate skills exaggeration

It is quite easy for applicants to inflate their experiences, achievements, and abilities. And it is also a quite common occurrence that leads to recruiters realising the necessity of using a skill testing method. Only after assessing the applicants will the recruiter be able to tell for sure that the candidates have a certain level of skill and experience. Mistakenly hiring a candidate who cannot perform at the level required by the role is detrimental to the company. To avoid a situation like this, recruiters should work with skills testing software.

2. Tests both technical and cognitive abilities

When recruiters resort to using a good candidate skills assessment software then they can evaluate the candidate properly. While jobs might demand to have candidates’ technical skills tested first, it is equally essential to measure the cognitive abilities. So alongside the literacy and numeracy tests or the accounting and MS Office skills tests, recruiters should use psychometric skills tests. This test helps recruiters gain insight into an individual’s critical thinking skills as well as their communication and leadership capabilities.

3. Provides a comprehensive idea of candidate

A recruitment process will typically involve the application stage wherein candidates will share their resumes and write a cover letter stating why they ought to be considered for this role. It is followed by an interview process where the recruiter and the hiring manager try to derive an understanding of the candidate. This is the usual standard in recruitment. But recruiters have come to understand that it doesn’t provide a full picture of the candidate. Skills assessment tests can measure where the candidate’s talent and experience level lie. This helps rank and measure how an individual fits in the role and the company.

4. Gives an edge over competitors

Employers will generally receive applicant CVs and cover letters from recruiters. Then they will proceed to interview the shortlisted candidates and make the final hiring decision based on these factors. But skills testing software has an additional advantage. Its test results are available immediately. Those recruiters who use skills testing can use the test results as tangible proof of a candidate’s suitability for the role. This supports their claim that their candidate is a better fit than any other candidates that the hiring company might be considering.

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Things to note when using candidate skills testing software

  • Online skills testing saves a lot of time and is easy to use
  • The tests have a standardized format
  • It helps prevent recruiter bias
  • It boosts better hiring decisions
  • It supports hiring to suit the company culture
  • Product demos are an excellent way to check compatibility with software