Tubi TV Walk Through

Is it worth to spend so much money to download an app that provides free television news from one of the best television network providers? Yes. Tubi TV does run advertisements during and before their broadcasted programs but on average, the number of commercial ads is not more than that of basic cable and broadcast TV programs. So, is Tubi TV really worth it?

The good thing about Tubi TV is that you do not need a complicated and confusing entertainment device such as a Smartphone or gaming console to enjoy this wonderful app. All you need is your Smartphone or PDA phone which has an internet connection. If the issue persists, please dial the customer service hotline provided by Tubi TV. They will assist you in resolving your problem.

Sometimes, there are certain issues which cannot be resolved by the user or the developer of this app such as bugs or other issues which require system red reboot. In such cases, users are requested to restart their android device as several times they are not able to fix the errors. For this, users are required to reboot their devices using the manual method. However, this is not the recommended method since this may lead to further damage to your tubi TV.

Users are not able to enjoy the features of Tubi TV due to one reason or the other. One of the reasons is because they either don’t have the updated version of the app while the latest version is already installed on their device. On the contrary, some users do not like the interface of the app and they find it very confusing. This is the reason why we have introduced a number of 3 select applications which allow users to switch between different versions of tubi tv without resetting the current one.

The first application is Tubi TV Flashlight which provides users with the functionality of watching live TV online. Simply download the Flashlight and install it to your android device. For the purpose of enabling the functionality of this application, you are required to enter your android devices IP address. This will enable the application to function properly. Furthermore, if you are also facing some issues like poor video playback, poor audio quality etc, you can simply switch between 2 versions of tubi tv and again enable the setting for the same version.

The second application is Tubi TV To Go which is a very similar android app of Tubi TV Flashlight but offers a much enhanced experience. To use this app, simply download the Tubi TV Go apk from the official android store and then install it on your android device. You will not find any difference in the interface as that of Flashlight but the video playback and audio features are enabled by default whereas in case you may want to switch between the 2 versions of tubi tv, you can simply switch between the apps using the menu button.