Violin Lessons For Adults and Retirees: What Are the Benefits and Three Ways To Maximize These Benefits

Learning music is something that anyone at any age will benefit greatly. This is a proven fact with many studies done across all age groups. Among all the musical instruments available, the bowed strings instrument quartet of the violin, viola, cello and double bass are the most beneficial for any music lessons. According to Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings, a veteran in the violin school Singapore niche, starting violin lessons Singapore is the most popular choice. The growth of interest from many in exploring violin lessons has been constantly rising, as compared to musical instruments like the organ (which has down trended) and students who are interested in piano lessons (which has remained quite constant). A few other musical instruments which have less interest

Many studies had looked at the benefits of taking violin lessons for kids and teenagers. There are also some studies which have been done which targets violin lessons for adults and retirees. Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings is full of praise for students who start violin classes as these adult learners benefit from mental health, physical health, emotional health and enhances their overall happiness.

For adults starting violin lessons, the benefits are many fold, says Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings. For one, it helps to retain information and memory. As one ages, the mind forgets things such as keys, wallet, money and so on. Keeping one’s mind active with violin lessons for adults can help in improving memory. This is for sure a confirmed benefit. Secondly, as one ages, one’s posture gets worse and worse. Some people start hunching and don’t stand up straight. This can have repercussions to other ailments like knee joints and hip issues. How doe playing the violin help to improve posture? It helps because the violinist either stands up straight or have to sit up straight to play the musical instrument. If you scrutinise any violin soloist on stage or for that matter, any professional violinist in an orchestra, you will notice that they have strong spine and sit or stand up straight. Hence, playing the violin is a work out session like yoga which improves the spinal strength and improves your posture. Thirdly, going for weekly violin lessons for adults helps to improve one’s social skills. Think of the group violin lesson scenario. For sure you as the violin student will need to communicate with your fellow students in the violin class. Even if we look at a one student to one teacher violin lesson scenario, the student will need to communicate with the violin teacher. For example, explain to the coach why certain playing techniques are difficult to execute and get teacher’s advise on how to go about this.

Next, Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings would like to share three ways any adult or retiree can work on to have a positive experience learning the violin.

First Way – Relax and Enjoy the violin classes Singapore

Listening to music or learning to play the violin helps to improve the mood of anyone. One also feels positive and upbeat. For older students who have difficulty communicating with people, some can communicate better after starting violin lessons Singapore.  One reason that playing certain songs evoke memories and this helps to improve overall well being.

Some students who have anxiety issues report that they get less anxious after starting violin lessons. One reason for a student getting anxious is unfamiliarity with the surroundings of where the  violin classes Singapore will be held, or still getting to know the violin teacher. Once the lesson starts the student will need to focus on the musical score and play the piece of music as well as he or she can. There are at least ten to fifteen things the violinist need to be aware of, when executing the perfect bow stroke of any note. All these focus keeps the violin student from worrying about things in the “normal” outside world. As Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings says, playing the violin or cello is a refuge.

Second Way – Learn to play popular music you can identify during violin lessons Singapore   

Music can evoke shared memories and serve as an occasion to talk about your shared experiences. Music magically improves the memory of older students. Also reverses the signs of aging. Most people think younger and start behaving younger. There are so many violinists who act and look younger than their age! It is the magic of violin lessons for adults.

For example, if you are born in the seventies, you will identify with popular songs from that era from the Bee Gees, ABBA, The Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkel, Diana Ross, The Jackson Five and so on. Imagine that after fifty years you decide to start adult violin lessons at age of fifty, all your childhood memories will come flying back. So you remember the good and not so good times. Whatever it is, memories are either sweet or bitter sweet. So as a violin student, the mindset is to relax, go with the flow, and enjoy playing popular songs that call out to you or golden oldies which you are familiar with. Violin lessons Singapore will be so much more enjoyable!

Third Way – Interact with the community with violin classes

Music is created so that we can share it with everyone. It is meant to evoke emotions in us — whether happiness or sadness. Of course, the breadth and depth of emotions cannot be only happy or sad. In the spectrum, we have despair, sorrow, ecstasy, joy, perturbed, pensive and so on.

Aside from emotions, during your adult violin class, you will learn many types of violin bow execution to create various sound effects. For example, how do we evoke the sound of horses galloping in the fields with the wind blowing? How do we emulate the tip toe of a rat across the kitchen floor in the middle of the night? All these special sound effects can be done with the violin.

Thus music is meant to be shared. Share your love of music by performing for your friend and acquaintances. Play for those who mean a lot to you. You will certainly ream the benefits of your violin lessons for adults.