What are the Common Scenarios that Cause Wrongful Death in Stockton?

Wrongful death is when someone dies because of the actions or negligence of another person. In Stockton, there are many reasons why someone could die due to wrongful death. It is important to know this so that you can stay out of harm’s way and avoid being the victim. However, if any of your loved ones have been already a victim of wrongful death, it is important to hire a Stockton wrongful death attorney.

 Here then is a brief list of some common types of wrongful death cases.

  • Car Accidents

Car accidents are the number one cause of wrongful death for Stockton residents. If you have been in a car accident, it is very important to know your rights so that you do not have to go through a drawn-out legal battle and feel as though you are not getting justice. You should know that you are entitled to compensation for your loved ones’ death, whether they were legally traveling with you or not.

  • Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice can happen if a doctor or nurse makes a wrong diagnosis, never informs you of an issue, or never gives you the proper treatment. It is important that you find out if there was any preventative action that could have been taken to prevent your loved one’s death. Did the doctor or nurse act inappropriately or negligently?

  • Slip and fall accidents

This is one of the most common types of wrongful death suits. This is when someone goes into a store, bank, bar, or any other business that has been cleaned to a professional level, but the custodian missed some spots and those spots ended up causing you or your loved one serious harm. You should not be forced to financially take care of their mistake, especially if it happened on premises where they were supposed to keep you safe.

  • Defective products

If you are harmed by a defective product, you may be able to file a suit against the manufacturer. If a product that is made by humans causes harm to another human, then there is someone who is responsible for that problem and they should be held financially accountable.

  • Dog bites

Dogs are friendly, but they are still animals that can sometimes bite without warning. Dog bites often result in serious bodily harm to the victims and if that person dies as a result of their injuries, then the owners of the dog should be held responsible.

  • Construction accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places to be because heavy-duty machines and materials are being used in close proximity to humans. That gives rise to many wrongful death lawsuits due to construction workers falling off equipment or being struck by objects or even other people.