What are the features of a portable air conditioner?

During the year, some seasons can present conditions that can be quite unbearable. These could be too much heat, humidity, or extremely low temperatures. These adverse factors could affect your performance and output in your working area or affect your home’s serenity, peace of mind, and energy. A portable air conditioner is an automated machine responsible for regulating and controlling these conditions, creating the perfect living conditions for you. This article outlines the benefits of buying a portable air conditioner, factors to consider before buying an AC unit, and features to look out for when seeking an AC unit,

What is a portable air conditioner?

An air conditioner, also known as an AC, is an air regulating automated machine used to cool rooms or offices. A portable air conditioner is a smaller type of AC that can be easily moved around and comes with the ease of setting up easily anywhere; it can be set up on the window unit, socket, or any place you please within your room.

If you need to out maneuver the huge-sum expenses of installing permanent AC units, or when your room has limited space, a portable air conditioner is a way to maintain a comfortable living room, regulating temperature and controlling humidity.

As the name implies, portable air conditioner Kenya is a movable AC usually fitted with legs meaning it can be moved around the room. Another benefit you stand to enjoy is that a portable AC does not require expert technician skills to assemble and set up. Here are some of the features that come with a portable AC.


A portable air conditioner has both automatic and manual option controls. The manual option has simple functions that do not require a professional to operate. These functions may include the set temperature function and the sleep function. The sleep function comes in handy when sleeping. When one sleeps, less cooling capacity is required than when one is awake. This feature helps control and minimize power consumption and electricity billing.

Auto Restart Feature

This feature is quite helpful in places that experience power outages frequently. When an AC is operating, and the power goes off, the air conditioner automatically goes off, and the user has to power it back on when power is restored. However, portable air conditioner models with these features automatically turn themselves back on and operate with the last user settings.

Timer Feature

An air conditioner works at the user’s convenience if the user wishes to use the AC unit only during the night. They can turn the AC unit on or off as they please.

Louvre and Swing Features

This feature directs and controls the direction the user desires the air to flow. It can direct the air to move vertically or horizontally. This feature affords the user a lot of convenience and ease.