What Is Financial Management? Define 2022 – MCom FM Course Complete Info Latest

M.Com in Financial Management is an immensely popular course among commerce students. Also, a financial management degree offers various lucrative employment opportunities to students.

Therefore, in the following, you will learn about what financial management is and about the job prospects after earning an M.Com degree in this course.

What Financial Management Is?

Financial management is a postgraduate degree in which students acquire advanced knowledge and skillsets in business, banking, finance, and accounting. Additionally, students get equipped with expertise that is advantageous in the business and corporate world.

Therefore, in a business or company, the role of financial managers is to operate financial transactions, build reports, manage cash flow, and work on various other tasks to make a business/company financially strong.

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Duration of Degree in Financial Management

The duration of an M.Com in financial management is two years and the curriculum is classified into four semesters.

Therefore, in four semesters, students study subjects such as Quantitative Techniques for Business, Entrepreneurship Development, Business Economics, Financial Accounting & Packages, E-Commerce Management, Financial Markets & Services, Security Analysis and Investment Management, Banking Law & Practice, Insurance & Risk Management, and several others.

Eligibility Criteria

Though eligibility criteria can vary according to colleges/institutes. But, some eligibility parameters, generally, are the same for almost every college.

Therefore, below are mentioned some eligibility criteria to pursue an M.Com in financial management:

  • Students can enrol from distance education in the M.Com in Finance Management after they earn a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance or any other equivalent degree.
  • Candidates also have to get an average grade of at least 50-55% in their undergraduate degree.
  •  Also, students have to complete their bachelor’s degree from a UGC-approved college/institute.

How Can I Apply for in Financial Management?

To get admission, students first choose the institute/college where they want to enrol for an M.Com degree in the financial system. Afterwards, candidates can apply online or offline for admission.

Additionally, there are a large number of UGC-recognized institutes that offer this degree. So, students can enrol for the M.Com degree program in this course at any UGC-approved college.

What Are the Job Opportunities for Graduates in Financial Management?

M.Com in Financial Management is a prestigious and one of the most in-demand courses. As a result, there are plenty of job opportunities for M.Com graduates in the course.

Hence, some of the job profiles after attaining an M.Com degree in this course are as follows:

  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Investment Officer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Manager,
  • Financial Auditor
  • Finance Manager
  • Executive Vice President of Finance
  • Manager of Marketing and Finance
  • Investor Relations Associate
  • Finance Manager
  • Lecturer, etc.

Apart from that, students get plenty of job opportunities in government sectors as well as private sectors. Additionally, students interested in doctorate programs can opt for a PhD degree in finance management.

 Moreover, candidates can also earn graduate-level diplomas or certificates to enhance their proficiency and increase their chances of getting high-income jobs.

What Are the Advantages of an Degree in Financial Management?

 M.Com in financial management define a responsible and challenging job profile. Also, there are various other benefits of this course.

 Hence, some of the advantages of the M.Com degree course in the financial market are:

  • Once candidates procure an M.Com degree in this course they have a plethora of career prospects.
  • This course offers lucrative and high-profile job opportunities.
  • There is a high possibility of growth in financial advisor jobs.
  • Financial managers have a responsibility. However, there is no extra stress or pressure.
  • Also, there are no age restrictions on pursuing an M.Com degree in this course. Hence, candidates of any age are eligible to enrol in this program if they fulfil other eligibility criteria.
  • And You can complete your MCom Distance education in any specialisation.

Can Only Commerce Students Pursue Financial Management?

 Students from any stream, be it science, commerce, or the arts, are eligible to pursue this program. Therefore, students subsequently earning their bachelor’s degree in commerce stream or any other stream can apply for a distance education MCom course in any specialisation.


To sum up, M.Com in Financial Management is a two-year post-graduation degree program in the commerce stream. And this is a  popular course and offers plenty of high-income and prestigious job options for the candidates. Therefore, M.Com in this course is one of the most sought-after courses by graduate students in every stream.

The M.Com degree in financial management defines various core concepts of finance and accounting. As a result, students who pursue this degree program gain expertise in banking, economics, and banking management. Also, students get equipped with skill sets that are essential for corporate, business, and entrepreneurship.

Hence, candidates that want to pursue these courses can apply for admission online or offline. Also, students can choose to pursue the course in regular mode or distance mode according to their convenience.

So, students interested in an M.Com in a financial degree program can apply at any UGC-approved college/institute to get admission. And, they can earn their M.Com degree in financial advisory services.