What You Should Know About the Bosch Grinder Machine

Grinders are used to sharpen, smoothen, cut or remove abrasive parts from different areas or equipment. With the introduction of many types of grinders and the different brands, it is good to know the best grinder for the job. The grinders come in different forms and prices depending on what it is intended for.

With the massive constructions going on in the country, the Bosch grinder comes in handy. Especially with their long-life properties, most of the construction companies prefer them over other brands. They come in different forms mainly depending on the functionality and they are also found in different sizes. This makes it easy to pick the grinder intended for the purpose tour in segway di cracovia con centro storico e visita facoltativa a podgórze thestyleplus funnyjok.

I will list the different types of Bosch grinders found in Kenya and their functions.

1. Small angle grinder

This type of grinders are small but powerful and are used to work on metals. The reason that they are called angle grinders is because that the grinding wheel lies at 90° to the handle. Under this category, thegrinders are again divided into other sub-categories depending on the input power, no-load speed and the disc diameter.

The Bosch grinder price in Kenya is also very low with the small angle grinders going for about Kshs 4590. This consideration of price cuts across all Bosch tools and equipment.

Some of the sub categories include:

  • Angle grinder GWS 700

It has a rated input power of 710 W

No-load speed of 12000 rpm

Disc diameter of 115 mm

  • Angle grinder 9-115

It has an input power of 900 w

A no-load speed of 11000 rpm

A disc diameter of 115 mm

2. Large angle grinder

The major difference between the large angle and the small angle grinder is the input power and the disc diameter. The large angle grinders have a larger disc diameter and input power than the small angle grinders. This makes it more powerful than the small angle, making it efficient for tough cutting.

Just like with the small angle grinder, the large one is further subdivided to different grinders depending on input power and the disc diameter. The average Bosch grinder price in Kenya for this category is Kshs 10,000.

Large angle grinders include the following:

  • Angle grinder GWS 20-180 H

The input power is 2000 w

No-load speed is at 8500 rpm

The disc diameter is 180 mm

  • Angle grinder GWS 2200-180

It has an input power of 2200 W

A no-load speed ranging between 8000 -8500 rpm

A disc diameter of 180 mm

So the next time you are shopping for a grinder you can consider the Bosch grinder. Not just for its low price but also durability and efficiency. The angle grinders are the mostly used grinders, maybe because of their many functions and easy usability. They are also easily available and you can find them in any tools store in the city of Nairobi and other towns in the country.

The wheels may look similar but they are designed for different purposes. So it’s good to consider this when you are buying the tool to avoid purchasing the wrong tool. Source https://powertools.co.ke