Overconsumption and wastefulness are all contributing to climate change, according to scientific research and in the last few years the issue of ‘fast fashion’ has taken centre stage. 

But are any UK cities catering for shoppers who are trying to make more sustainable choices? 

Well according to research data Bristol is leading the way in eco-friendly shopping habits, with the most green-minded shops and interest in charity stores. 

The study comes from global heating company Viessmann, who recently looked into which UK city is home to the Greenest Citizens

The company surveyed 1000 UK residents in an effort to better understand the nation’s current relationship with green living and to determine what exactly Brits considered to be an ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’. Their findings identified five indicators of what the public generally consider to be good eco habits – transportation, diet, shopping habits, home improvements and government policy. 

From there Viessmann created a unique scoring system to rank nineteen popular UK cities against their performance in these five categories. 

And as part of their research they determined that Bristol is paving the way when it comes to sustainable shopping options, with 16 zero-waste or plastic-free shops per 1,00,000 people and an average of 3,207 online monthly searches for ‘charity shops near me’. 

The second spot went to Edinburgh, with 11 zero-waste or plastic-free stores and 3,048 online searches for charity shops.

And with 15 sustainable stores and 2,017 charity shop searches per month, Leeds came in third. 

Interestingly the research indicated that Liverpool was the only UK city without any zero-waste or plastic free stores, however thanks to its strong interest in charity shopping with just over 2000 monthly searches the research indicates there is still a strong appetite for being green. 

On the other hand Huddersfield apparently has the most zero-waste stores with over twice as many as Bristol (46), but apparently very little interest in charity stores with only 720 monthly searches resulting in the city taking the 8th spot. 


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