France’s possible path to World Cup 2022 – group stage, playoffs

Many football fans around the world are waiting for the start of the World Cup in Qatar. Traditionally, the strongest teams have the most fans. These teams include Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain, France and others. If you want to warm up your interest before the start of the World Cup, then follow the link and place bets on individual matches, group winners or on the best team of the entire tournament.

To help you figure out which teams will face each other in the playoffs, we have prepared a series of special materials where we analyze in detail possible opponents. Today we will talk about the most discussed team – the French national team, with Mbappe, Benzema, Griezmann and other stars.

France 2022 FIFA World Cup Team – Group D

Let’s start with the group stage. Didier Deschamps’ men are in Group D, where they will face Denmark, Australia and Tunisia. In this group, the French look like clear favorites, but, if not for one thing, but. The national teams of Australia and Tunisia do not represent serious competition for the Tricolors, and most likely, Mbappe and the company will be able to get the maximum number of points in these meetings. In a duel with the Danish national team, the French will be much more difficult. The thing is that the Danes went through the qualification path to the Qatari World Cup without a single defeat, with a goal difference of 27-0. In addition, in recent matches of the League of Nations, Denmark and at home and away outplayed the French team. This does not mean at all that the Danes will again be able to repeat their success, but we note that at least it will not be easy for France in a head-to-head match.

Can Deschamps’ team make the playoffs? Undoubtedly. Will she be able to do it from the first place? Let’s just say that the probability of such an outcome is quite high, and therefore, we will build on this result in further calculations to build the playoff grid. So, let’s assume that the French team takes 1st place in group D.

Opponents in 1/8 finals

If the French win their group, then they will face the second place in Group C in the first round of the playoffs. This group includes the national team of Argentina, Poland, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Even novice fans understand very well that Poland and Mexico will fight for the second place in this group. Thus, the team of Didier Deschamps in the 1/8 finals gets a completely passable opponent.

Rivals in 1/4 finals

Move on. Since we are talking about the French team, let’s assume that the team will pass its opponent in the 1/8 finals. In the quarter-finals, the winner of the confrontation between the first team of group B, against the second team of group A, awaits the French. Netherlands, Ecuador and Qatar). In the match between England and Senegal, we give the victory to the team of Gareth Southgate, which means that it is the English that can become the French rival in 1/4.

Opponents in 1/2 finals

The path of rival France in the semi-finals will also be difficult. Initially, let’s assume that in the 1/8 finals the teams of Belgium and Uruguay will measure their strength (1st place in group F against the second place in group E). Also in the 1/8 finals, with a high degree of probability, the teams of Portugal and Switzerland will meet (1st place in group H against 2nd place in group G). The winners of these two pairs will meet each other in the quarter finals. Suppose it will be the teams of Belgium and Portugal.

Thus, we predict that the Belgian team will be the French opponent in the semi-finals.

The final

In the second part of the playoff bracket, Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and Spain will be the strongest opponents of the French team (provided that all these teams take the first places in their groups). Which of these teams will be able to reach the final? Bookmakers predict victory in the World Cup for the Brazilians, we also adhere to this opinion.