Top 6 reasons why you should include opals in your jewelry collection

If you are interested in gemstones, there is a good chance that you have heard of opal because it is one of the rarest jewels. There are numerous ways to wear the lovely gemstone opal.

It is one of the most versatile stones to be used in jewels, which may be worn alone or in combination with other precious stones. Compared to other stones, opals offer a wide range of colour characteristics. Opal stones never have the same colour combinations twice, and this quality makes them very special.

For a beginner, buying opal jewelry could seem intimidating. To get convincing reasons and gain clarity, read further to know why you must include opals in your treasure of ornaments.


Opals are one of the most elusive gemstones used in jewelry. Most buyers of designer jewelry opt for famous rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Opals are unknown to many, and this feature makes it special to choose and stand out from the crowd.

Environment-friendly mining

If you are someone who avoids buying gemstones as you think mining is very invasive and cause environmental damage, you can choose to purchase opal jewelry. Opals are mined in a much less invasive manner than most gemstones.

Its mining is very environmentally responsible and sustainable. Major opal mines do not fail to address mining-related concerns in ways most advantageous to the local populations.


Different opals can amaze with their class and intensity. Every variety of opal, from milky to black, draws a distinctive kind of attention. Opals glow like green and purple fires and appear almost ethereal in the appropriate illumination. Every opal has a different colour spectrum, so even identical jewelry can make any outfit look different every time.

Less expensive

Opals can be purchased for less price when compared to the other gemstones. However, the cost depends upon the size and quality of the stone. But, opal jewelry doesn’t come with a price tag that strains the wallet.

Affordable and unique opal collections are available to add to your priceless collection. Further, they help maintain a simple look and go with casual dresses. So, you can wear it frequently without worrying about losing its appeal.

Good luck gem

It is believed that opals bring good fortune to their users, which has been known since ancient times. Some call opals a ‘summer stone’ and recommend wearing them in the daytime for good luck. Many call it a ‘cool stone’ as they do not emit heat or energy. So, if you are someone who believes in the science of gemstones and discovered opal stone to be your lucky stone, go for it.

It goes well with other gems

Opal can be combined with other gemstones to produce an original style that stands out from the crowd. There is no end to the colour blends. Thus there are no restrictions on what you may accomplish with your jewelry. It would be apt if you thought about how the colours of the opal and the other coloured gems—such as blue sapphires or pink diamonds—complement one another.

For instance, to make a bright yellow topaz earring stand out more, wear it with a pendant that is greenish-blue in colour. This will increase the vibrancy of your outfit’s parts without causing conflict by visually overpowering one another’s hues.


Thus, these are the top reasons you should include opal gemstones in your jewelry collection. If you are that person who cross-examines every aspect of a jewelry purchase right from its making, cost, effects, quality and style, opals can be more suitable for you.